Sweet Transit Swift Expedition Update Launches Today

The Swift Expedition update, which launches today, propels the game into a new era of locomotive-led city building by introducing jet trains.

In an exciting development for city-building enthusiasts, Ernestas Norvaišas and Team17 Digital have announced the third major update to their Steam Early Access game, Sweet Transit. These powerful new additions to the game are lightning-fast and capable of transporting large amounts of passengers and cargo. Players can now construct these high-speed behemoths to supercharge their production chains and expand their cities at an unprecedented pace.

But the Swift Expedition update isn’t just about speed. It also brings a host of quality-of-life improvements to Sweet Transit. The game’s user interface has been completely overhauled, and players can now operate twice as many trains as before.

Perhaps most intriguingly, the update introduces a Natural Attractiveness bonus. Players can earn this bonus by ensuring their citizens live near natural beauty features such as mountains, trees, and large bodies of water. Even man-made features like hedges and statues can contribute to a settlement’s natural attractiveness.

Sweet Transit is a systems-led city builder starting players with a single warehouse. From there, they must build a thriving, interconnected world of villages and cities by expanding their rail network. The game features customizable rail networks, various distinct railway eras, and full modding support via Steam Workshop.

For a detailed list of all the changes in the Sweet Transit Swift Expedition update, visit the official Steam post for the update. 

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