Sword Fighters Simulator Codes: Free Boosts (February 2023)

Use these Sword Fighters Simulator codes for free luck, power, damage, and coin boosts!
Roblox Sword Fighters Simulator two characters wielding swords

Sword Fighters Simulator (SFS) is a Roblox game created by developer FullSprint Games. The objective of the game is to collect a variety of powerful weapons and pets and use them to defeat various enemies and unlock new worlds. Swing your weapon to gain power, defeat enemies to get better weapons, and hatch eggs to get stronger pets.

Use the Sword Fighters Simulator codes below to get free boosts, which can level up your Luck, Power, Damage, and Coins for a short amount of time. Codes are a great way to get some free items, which you can then activate at any time through your in-game backpack. The codes expire eventually, so make sure to use them while they last!

January 29 2023: We added 1 new Sword Fighters Simulator code.

All Sword Fighters Simulator Codes

  • Climb: 10-minute Power Boost
  • STRIKER: 10-minute Damage Boost
  • LUCKY100: 15-minute Super Luck Boost
  • NewYear: 10-minutes Double Power Boost
  • COLLECTOR: 10-minutes Double Coin Boost
  • GODLIKE: 10-minutes Double Power Boost
  • Christmas: 20-minutes Double Luck Boost
  • BugsSquashed: 10-minutes Double Power Boost
  • EGGMASTER: 15-minute Super Luck Boost
  • ASCEND: 5-minute Double Power Boost
  • GETRICH: 10-minute Double Coin Boost
  • CELESTIAL: 10-minute Double Coin Boost
  • STRONGEST: 10-minute Double Coin Boost
  • Sharpen: 10-minute Double Coin Boost
  • Dungeons: 10-minute Double Coin Boost
  • FeelingLucky: 5-minute Super Luck Boost
  • Spraden: 5-minute Double Coin Boost
  • Kolapo: 5-minute Double Coin Boost

How to use Sword Fighters Simulator codes

To use codes, follow these steps inside Sword Fighters Simulator:

  1. Launch Sword Fighters Simulator
  2. Tap on the shopping basket icon to open up the shop
  3. Scroll down in the shop to the code section and press Redeem
  4. Enter a working code to redeem and press the Enter button
  5. Enjoy your rewards
how to use sword fighters simulator codes

What are Sword Fighters Simulator codes

Sword Fighters Simulator codes are rewards created by the game developer that players can use to get free in-game boosts. Codes generally award players with double power, damage, coins, and luck, allowing them to level up more quickly for a set amount of time. The codes come and go, so make sure to check back often to keep on top of them.

Where to get more codes

Players can get more Roblox SFS codes by joining the official community Discord server, and they can also follow the developers on Twitter for 10% extra Power. Codes are posted in various places, so we try to round them up from all over the internet and bring them to you in one convenient location.

Get more codes for your favorite Roblox experience by visiting our Roblox game codes page.

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