Terminator: Dark Fate – Defiance Reveals The Founders

Terminator: Dark Fate - Defiance, just released a new update detailing more on the upcoming real-time strategy game.

When it comes to iconic 90s movie tie-ins like Terminator, it’s a pretty heavy lift, even for the most seasoned studios. Luckily, the creators of the single-player RTS, Starship Troopers Terran Command, are at the helm of producing a new and upcoming PvE/PvP RTS called Terminator Dark Fate – Defiance. Along with some pretty sick promo that harkens back to the age of Command and Conquer, it looks like the creatives at the studio also want to enhance the lore of the Terminator franchise itself. 

When the game was first announced, it was revealed that a new faction in the lore called The Founders would be making their debut in the game. Now we know a little more about them. 

Who Are The Founders in Terminator: Dark Fate – Defiance?

The Founders are a powerful organization of ex-U.S. military operatives with a more advanced organizational structure than The Movement, which comprises mainly civilians and refugees; the Founders stand as the most technologically advanced human military force. The organization is led by Lieutenant Alex Church, Terminator: Dark Fate – Defiance’s main protagonist. 

With more advanced military equipment, vehicles, and weapons, they are humanity’s best hope against the deviant machines of Skynet. 

Along with some of the lore behind The Founders, the developers also shared insight on some of the in-game units players will control. The Founders units include:

  • Snipers
  • Infantry Squad
Infantry Squad Terminator Dark Fate Defiance

Snipers are long-range marksmen that can take out enemies from afar. The Infantry Squad is the bread-and-butter of your combat forces and consists of seven combat units. The Infantry Squad also has upgrades available to make them even more powerful on the battlefield. 

To read the full blog post detailing the characters and units, visit the Terminator: Dark Fate Steam update

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