The Cycle Frontier Patch Notes (Patch 1.3.0)

Are you looking forward to all the updates in The Cycle Frontier? Here are The Cycle Frontier patch notes for update 1.3.0.

The Cycle Frontier is a first-person PvE, PvP battle royale set in space. Every time you enter a raid, you run the risk of losing your gear which can make the experience exhilarating. If you’re already a veteran that’s dropped down into Fortuna III, you’ll want to keep up-to-date with the latest developer updates. Here are The Cycle Frontier Patch Notes for Patch 1.3.0. 

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The Cycle Frontier Patch Notes (Patch 1.3.0)

Here are the enhancements and updates according to The Cycle Frontier official blog: 


  • Refined our anti-cheat algorithm even further: more efficiency, less false positives.
    • Dev note: “In our efforts to tune our anti-cheating algorithm even further, several players ended up facing a ban despite not using any cheating tool. We deeply apologise for that and are making sure to unban any and all innocent players. These changes will ensure these false positives won’t happen again while acting ever more swiftly whenever an actual cheater is detected. It’s a never-ending battle – as with all online games – but we’re sure we can win this!”
  • We switched our Player Support Tool and transitioned over to a new one. If you report someone or send a ticket from within the game it will arrive at the new tool. This will help us process requests more smoothly with no replies getting lost anymore. We will shut down the old tool after some days and the requests and data that was sent to that will be deleted completely.
  • Performance and stability should have been increased overall. We’re always looking for improvements though.
  • Supply Crates can’t be opened anymore while your stash is full.
  • Pressing the Esc key on the Fortuna Pass will not take you back to the Rewards page instead of closing the menu completely.
  • Pushed back the first wall in the Crusher Caverns so players mining that wall can’t be blown up too easily from a blind grenade throw.


  • Lacerator:
    • Reduced recoil.
    • Removed damage falloff.
  • KBR Longshot:
    • Removed damage falloff.
  • Basilisk:
    • Removed damage falloff.

Dev note: “These are the only balance changes for today as we wanted to focus on more pressing matters first and foremost, as you will see in the upcoming bug fixes. We have been diligent in trying to gather as much data and feedback about weapon balance as possible though. Among other changes, we want to make SMGs better, low-tier shotguns a bit less “too good” and higher tier equipment slightly more appealing. In other words, expect a lot more balancing in the next update!”

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the shop would show incorrect prices with certain currencies.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent XP gain for the Fortuna Pass.
  • Applied a few fixes to prevent communication issues with our servers on the Station (when claiming stuff, selling items, etc.).
  • Fixed some server desync where creatures could get a good swipe on you despite their animation showing otherwise. They’ve got strong minds, sure, but that was a bit much.
  • No more dropping in an invisible drop pod. You’re not superheroes, dammit!
  • Fixed an issue that would make sprays appear a lot less shiny than they ought to.
  • Creatures will now properly emit their death rattles when killed by a melee attack, so you can start feeling bad about yourself again.
  • Smoothed out the world here and there so bullets don’t get stuck on magic pixels.
  • Fixed the Savage Marauder taking as much damage as a standard Marauder instead of being more resilient. Yeah I know, ’twas a nice bug, but that’s life.
  • We thought Rattlers were a bit too hyper-focused. They will not hesitate less to switch targets as they see fit.
  • Contracts and missions should not show as duplicates anymore. One thing at a time!
  • Elite Crushers will now make sure to have an applicable path before initiating a charge, and thus shall bonk their heads no more (or less often at least?).
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from closing the friends list.
  • Progress is now updated properly on your to-do list as you complete tasks.
  • We had a stern talk with the factions and Supply Crates shouldn’t contain items of lower quality than what they’re supposed to grant anymore.
  • Fixed some issues where campaign missions couldn’t be turned in once complete.
  • Fixed a quick exploit that allowed skipping the Shattergun’s reloading animation.
  • No more using emotes to loot containers through walls. Clever, but that’s still cheating!
  • Weapon attachments can now be insured with Gear Salvage Insurance before dropping.
  • Pressing “Tab” in the Fortuna Pass menu shouldn’t break anything now.
  • The “skip” button for timers was sometimes greyed out for no reason. That shouldn’t happen anymore.


  • Timers now can’t be skipped at the very last second, preventing an unnecessary loss of resources and some issues from occurring.
  • All head variations can now be previewed in the shop when looking for a new Prospector.
  • Updated our localisation for a few languages.

Known Issues

  • Vanity items cannot be claimed if the stash is full.
  • Biker Queen’s image shows black hair, though she has white hair.

And there you have it! Those are all The Cycle Frontier Patch 1.3.0 notes.

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