The Cycle Frontier Shard Slicer Locations

Having problems finding Shard Slicers? Look no further for all of The Cycle Frontier Shard Slicer locations.

If you’re searching for the elusive Shard Slicer in The Cycle Frontier, you may have some issues finding it. This is because there are only a very few select locations on the entire map of Bright Sands where you can find it. Luckily, we have all of The Cycle Frontier Shard Slicer locations revealed right here.

The Cycle Frontier Shard Slicer Locations

First–you’ve got to know that Shard Slicers can be found all over the map in Crescent Falls. If you’re really looking to snag the item, just drop down in Crescent Falls with some friends and loot civilian lockers in virtually any location.

However, if you’re not ready or your gear isn’t good enough for Crescent Falls, then there are a few locations for Shard Slicers in Bright Sands. Read below to learn more.

Shard Slicer Locations in Bright Sands

You can’t find Shard Slicers just anywhere in Bright Sands. There are 2 main locations where you can find them in the West of the map. Those two locations are the Jungle Camp and Comms Tower. See the precise locations below:

The Cycle Frontier Shard Slicer Locations Map
Shard Slicer Locations via Gamer Digest

There is a 3rd location where you may find Shard Slicers in Bright Sands, but it only spawns in one specific area. This location is the Waterfall Lab, in the southwest wing of the lab. Since the drop rate doesn’t seem great to us, we recommend you loot the Jungle Camp.

You’ll probably have a lot more luck looting the Jungle Camp because there are more chances for Shard Slicers to spawn, and it’s usually not as populated with people. There is plenty of cover, so check the civilian lockers surrounding the Jungle Camp to find the item.

And there you go! Now you should have The Cycle Frontier Shard Slicers that you need. To make sure you return to base with them, play it safe and exfil as soon as you have them in your inventory or store them in your safe slots.

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