The Invincible Demo Available for Steam Next Fest

The Invincible: Convoy Demo is now available for all Steam users.

Prepare for a journey that transcends the boundaries of space and the human imagination. In the upcoming first-person game, The Invincible, players will step into the shoes of Yasna, a highly qualified and sharp-witted astrobiologist in a first-person narrative adventure. Yasna and her crew find themselves on the unexplored planet Regis III, where a scientific journey quickly turns into a search mission for lost crewmates. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming The Invincible Convoy Demo.

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The Convoy Demo on Steam Next Fest

The Invincible has launched the Convoy Demo as part of the Steam Next Fest. This demo offers players a taste of the cosmic, philosophical adventure that awaits them on Regis III. As Yasna, players will follow the trail of their lost crew, making decisions that could bring them closer to danger. 

The Invincible Gameplay

Interaction is a key element in The Invincible. Players will encounter various creatures on Regis III and must decide how to interact with them. Will they be friends, companions, or enemies? The game challenges players to reconsider the meanings of these words in the context of an alien world.

Players can use various tools, such as a telemeter or a tracker, and drive a vehicle through a stunning landscape. The game offers realistic interactions with analog technologies in a retro-futuristic timeline.

The Invincible is based on the motifs of an iconic novel by world-renowned science fiction author and Polish futurologist Stanisław Lem. The game is set on Regis III, a colorful world filled with dangers that players can uncover during Steam Next Fest.

Players can download The Invincible Convoy Demo on Steam

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