Tower Defense Simulator (TDS) Xmas Update Patch Notes (1.6.0)

We have the full change log and patch notes for the seasonal Tower Defense Simulator Xmas Update on Roblox!

Tower Defense Simulator (TDS), the popular Roblox tower defense game, has just received its seasonal Xmas Update. The new update adds some exciting new content to the game, including a new event, tower, holiday skins, seven new maps, buffed towers, and more. Below, we have a list of all the changes transcribed from inside the game.

An unknown force has gotten into the minds of the Elves and turned them evil.. Stop the Elves from taking over Christmas in the “Violent Night” event, and recruit the Elf Camp tower!

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Tower Defense Simulator Xmas Update Patch Notes and Update Log (1.6.0)

Violent Night Event

  • 24 New Waves
  • Use the matchmaking statue to spawn to play

Elf Camp (Tower)

  • Spawn an army of elves to defend your base
  • Earn by beating the Holiday event or buy the gamepass

New Shop & Inventory UI

  • New daily skins logic
  • New daily emotes logic
  • Improved UI for mobile users
  • New hotbar
  • Moved towers hotbar to inventory
  • Inventory is now accessible from the intermission lobby
  • Updated game UI to reflect new changes to lobby UI (hotbar, HP bar, etc)

Violent Night Season

  • Holiday Scout
  • Holiday Soldier
  • Holiday Shotgunner
  • Holiday Cowboy
  • Holiday Minigunner
  • Holiday Commander
  • Holiday Engineer

New Maps

  • Cataclysm (Remake)
  • Winter Bridges (Remake)
  • Winter Stronghold (Remake)
  • Iceville (Remake)
  • Crossroads (Remake)
  • Forest Camp (Remake)
  • Meltdown (New)

Unit Spawn Timer

  • Summoner towers will now display unit spawn time

Tower Changes

  • Buffed Demoman
  • Buffed Ranger
  • Buffed Engineer
  • Rebalanced Accelerator

Misc. Changes

  • Xmas Lobby and Intermission Lobby
  • New Music
  • Fixed Matchmaking
  • Cookie Scout Skin
  • Enabled Solo Matchmaking for VIP Servers
  • Added “Units Placed” Counter
  • Reduced Daily Skin Prices
  • Fixed Skin Crates (Cyber Medic, Military Demoman)

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