Roblox Ultimate Football Codes (April 2024)

The full list of Roblox Ultimate Football codes is here.

Ultimate Football is a Roblox sports game created by Cloudburst Interactive. It’s the next generation of Roblox football, where players can customize their characters, compete against others, or join the hangout and chat about all things football. The Roblox Ultimate Football codes list below provides players free coins and pro packs for even more customization options.

April 13 2024: We checked for new Ultimate Football codes.

Ultimate Football Codes

Here is the full list of Ultimate Football codes and rewards:

  • PresidentsDay: 10k Coins
  • 14KG: 10k Coins
  • FEBNEWSLETTER: 10k Coins
  • UF200K: 10k Coins
  • 200KG: 10k Coins
  • 110KLIKES: 10k Coins
  • 100KLIKES: 10k Coins
  • 95KLIKES: 10k Coins
  • HOLIDAY2023: 10k Coins
  • 100m: 10k Coins
  • 90KLIKES: 10k Coins
  • 85KLIKES: 10k Coins
  • DecemberNewsletter: 10k Coins
  • EPICSOTM: 10k Coins
  • UF165K : 10k Coins
  • 80KLIKES: 10k Coins
  • SEASON5: 10k Coins
  • CYBERMONDAY2023: 10k Coins
  • 70KLIKES: 10k Coins
  • BlackFriday: 10k Coins
  • THANKSGIVING2023: 10k Coins
  • FREESLICES: 5k Slices
  • 60KLIKES: 10k Coins
  • 60MILVISITS: 10k Coins
  • FREECOINS123: 10k Coins
  • VETDAY: 10k Coins
  • 50KMRS: 10k Coins
  • 55KLIKES: 10k Coins
  • NovemberNewsletter: 10k Coins
  • Nickglush: 10k Coins
  • UF40K: 10k Coins
  • 50KLIKES: 10k Coins
  • 50MILVISITS: 10k Coins
  • happyhalloween: 10k Coins
  • SportsEquinox: 20k Coins
  • 40KPLAYERS: 20k Coins
  • SKULLBALL: Skull Ball Skin
  • PUMPKINBALL: Pumpkin Ball Skin
  • 100KFAVS: 10k Coins
  • 30KLIKES: 10k Coins
  • 25k: Playmaker Pack
  • SEASON4: 10k Coins
  • SEASON3!!: 30k Coins
  • StarterCoins: 5k Coins
  • 6KWOO: 5k Coins
  • OCTNEWSLETTER: 10k Coins
  • 8KCCU: 5k Coins

How to Redeem Codes in Ultimate Football

Here is how to redeem codes for rewards in Roblox Ultimate Football.

  1. Launch Ultimate Football on Roblox.
  2. Enter the customization screen.
  3. Navigate to the Community tab.
  4. Click on Item Codes.
  5. Enter a working code in the code box.
  6. Press the checkmark to claim your reward.
How to Redeem Codes in Ultimate Football

Each code on our list can only be used once. Additionally, codes expire after a short time. New codes also release regularly, so check back often for updates if you don’t want to miss out on freebies. Also note that codes require a certain OVR level, so you’ll need to play the game for a bit before redeeming codes.

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