Venture Tale Trello Link and Discord (April 2024)

Are you looking for the official Venture Tale Trello link? You're in luck because we have it.

Venture Tale, developed by Venture Tale Team, is a fun, adventure-filled game you can play with friends. In Venture Tale, you can choose different classes, weapons, spells, and abilities that you use to kill mobs of enemies. You’ll also need to beat different giant bosses, which will require skill and the right moves. If you’re looking for the Venture Tale Trello link, you’re in luck because we have it.

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The Venture Tale Trello link is:

Many experiences in Roblox have their own Trello, which helps the game’s developer communicate to the community and plan for the future. Wikis are great, but a Trello board is usually managed entirely by the development team or close community. That means you can get all the information about the game, like game modes, NPCs, bosses, titles, items, weapons, skills, and more.

Venture Tale Discord Link

The Venture Tale Discord Link is:

Trello is nice, but Discord is better for a different reason. The real-time chat server allows players to communicate, see real-time updates, and flex on other Venture Tale players.

Venture Tale Trello and FAQ 

The following FAQs are from the official Venture Tale Discord:

What’s a good class to start with?
Hammer, Bow, and One-handed weapons with a shield.

Does hardcore give more loot?
Yes! +1 on normal, +3 on raid dungeons.

Does fusing do anything?
Yes! Every fusion level upgrades stats by 10%, for spells, it uses the calculations and adds that by 10%.

What is Hardcore Mode?
Hardcore mode increases the amount of loot you get by 1 on regular dungeons and 3 on raids. However in hardcore, the respawn time in a party is 25s, and if at any time everyone is dead the dungeon is instantly lost (meaning you lose if you die solo).

What’s the best class?
There is no best class, every class is strong at something, and no weapon is the best in everything. They are all focused on playstyles!

What are the item tiers?
Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Mythic, Legendary, Godlike.

What is endless mode?
Endless mode is a rogue-lite progression of the dungeon, where you constantly go from one dungeon to the next while it’s scaled to your level and gets progressively harder. Every floor you beat increases your XP and gold you gain by 10% or by 15% on Hardcore mode (it doesn’t stack with double XP), and every time you beat the 3rd boss (the final boss of the dungeon area), the amount of loot you get per floor completion increases by one. Note that you cant change gear at all after you first start, not even at the beginning of the other floors.

What does this ability / passive do?
To see what an “Ability” or “Passive” does select the item in your inventory so that its overview appears on the left. Then, hover your cursor (or double tap on mobile) the text across from “Ability” or “Passive.”

What is fusion?
To increase your weapon’s effectiveness, you can fuse items into it at the fusion catalyst next to the blacksmith at the cost of some gold to increase its rarity. Whenever you increase a weapon’s rarity, its stats are increased by 1.1x of the last rarity’s stats, meaning that it’s exponential (after doing this twice, the total state will be 1.21x the amount of the base item). The amount of XP an item gives is based on its level, rarity, and if it’s the same item as what you’re fusing it into.

How can I check what loot I can get in a dungeon?
When you click on a dungeon, hit show loot to see the drop tables! Your class will have prioritized drops over other non-spell things!

How can I see what my spell damage is?
Hover over equipped spells outside the inventory, and it’ll tell you the calculations used! This way, you can figure out the best way to deal damage!

How can I check my level?
In the inventory tab on the left, there’s a list of your classes and their levels. The one you currently have equipped is your level. For example, having a level 1 hammer makes me level one when using a hammer, but if I have a level 30 sword, I’m level 30 when using a sword.

How can I enable my Beta Tester title?
You can enable it through the settings menu under the social tab. The Beta Tester title that exists now is subject to change. You’ll be able to claim this title again after the game fully releases. We’ll be introducing more titles in the future.

How do I get the other classes? Like rapier?
In the shop tab there’s the class section, click them to see the level requirements. You need that and the Ayagems.

How can I quickly get Ayagems?
Daily Quests, Overleveling, & Codes; Overleveling is after you get to 30- which is the max level -you can still gain XP, and each time you over level with enough XP instead of getting a level you get 10 Ayagems & gold.

That’s all you need to know about the Venture Tale Trello and Discord, so put on your reading glasses because it’s time to learn. Get more codes for your favorite Roblox experience by visiting our Roblox game codes page.