Voxlblade: How to Upgrade Your Sword

If you want to become more powerful in the new Roblox game, Voxlblade, you’ll need the best gear. 

In Voxlblade, no piece of gear is more important than your sword. The type of sword that you have will determine your strengths and Weapon Art. If you have no idea how to upgrade it, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Here’s how to upgrade your sword in the game. 

How to Upgrade Your Sword in Voxlblade

To upgrade your sword in Voxlblade, players must visit the Sword Evolution shrine in the Overgrown Forest. Hit E to interact with the shrine, then select your Handle, Blade, and Weapon Art. Click Upgrade to get a higher Tier part, then click Forge Sword at the bottom of the screen to upgrade your sword. 

Forge Sword Voxlblade

Players must select Upgrade the Basic Handle and Basic Blade to unlock new blades and handles. Upgrading your sword requires SP, which can be gained by leveling up your character. As you unlock new styles of Blades and Handles, you’ll unlock higher Tier weapons. 

Weapon Arts determine the move in your Q slot, which is the primary attack move that you’ll be using. You can unlock new Weapon Arts by using specific Handles and Blades. As you unlock higher-tier parts, you’ll unlock new Weapon Arts. 

How to Get to the Sword Evolution Shrine

If you are having trouble getting to the Sword Evolution Shrine, head towards the windmills in Frontier Village. Cross the small lake and head towards the tall trees, and you’ll reach the Overgrown Forest. The Sword Evolution Shrine will be in the gray brick building behind tan castle walls. 

Now that you know how to upgrade your sword in Voxlblade, you can use some of your SP to get more powerful skills and increase your damage output. Along with better gear, keeping up with your sword upgrades is an important way that you’ll become more powerful in the Roblox experience.

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