Voxlblade Investigation Guide

Here's how to complete the side quest called Investigation in Voxlblade, the new Roblox game.

In Voxlblade, players can get a side quest in the starting town of Frontier Village called Investigation that asks players to find and destroy an undercover vampire. Figuring out which villager this is can be tough, so we created this guide to help you out. Here’s how to complete the Voxlblade Investigation quest. 

Voxlblade Investigation Guide

To complete the Investigation quest in Voxlblade, walk up to Porkko behind one of the houses, open your inventory, select the Instadeath Cataclysm Scroll, then click the Use button. Once you do this, a huge portal will open up, destroying the undercover vampire, Porkko. 

Porkko is a green Ork located in the starting town of Frontier Village. If you talk to him before you use the scroll, he will admit his vampire status to you. 

“My eyes are red? I also smell like blood? No, I-I just have bloodshot eyes. I also uh… love being a doctor?” 

While he doesn’t outright admit it — this is pretty solid evidence, especially considering no one else in town answers in this way.

Investigation Rewards

For completing the Investigation sidequest, players will receive the following rewards: 

  • Voxos: 100
  • EXP: 40
  • Rep: +5

If players accuse the wrong person of being a vampire, they will receive -5 Rep. 

Voxlblade Investigation Guide Portal

The way we figured out this quest was we walked around and talked to everyone inside of the town. However, doing that can take a while, and still — figuring out that Porkko, who really doesn’t look like a vampire, was the one who was the culprit of this crime. 

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