Voxlblade Races

Here are all the different Voxlblade races and their passive buffs in the game.

In the new Roblox experience, Voxlblade, players can choose which race they want to be when they start the game. There are a total of 9 different races, each with unique passive buffs. Here are all the races in Voxlblade. 

Voxlblade Races 

The races in Voxlblade include the following: 


Humans are a pretty basic race that receives a damage reduction passive that reduces damage even further when low health. Pick this race if you want something more standard. 

Human Race Passive

  • Gain 15% damage reduction and 15% boost when below 50% hp. 
Voxlblade Human

“Humans are the most common race, generally seen as weak by others. However, their strong will as well as their desire for money and prestige keeps them alive.”


Half-Orks are a pretty solid race in Voxlblade that gain armor penetration. If you want to go on the offense, pick this class. 

Half-Ork Race Passive

  • Gain 10 armor penetration on all attacks. 
Voxlblade Half Ork

“Half-Orks are known to be ill tempered and renowned for their strength. Many have since learned their manners nowadays.”


Elves are one of the weaker races, except for when you get your Rune. Once you obtain that, then the cooldown reduction passive will let you spam it more often. 

Elf Race Passive

  • Gain 40% rune cooldown reduction.
Voxlblade Elf

“Elves are the royalty and high class, they make up a small percentage of the population. Known widely for their magical prowess”

Dark Elf

Dark Elves are the random class. Because there’s a random proc for their passive, this race can either be amazing in combat or bad — depending on how lucky you get. 

Dark Elf Race Passive

  • Theres a small chance to apply a random debuff to the opponent when hitting them.

“Dark Elf origins are shrowded in mystery. However some believe an elf was charged with hex energy and when he had his kids, they too had hex energy within them.”

Dragon Blooded

If you want to be your squad’s tank, consider going Dragon-Blooded. Descended from an ancient race known as Dracos, this race has added protection and resistance. 

Race Passive

  • Gain +0.5 Warding and +0.5 Protection and gain heat/cold resistance.
Voxlblade Dragon Blooded

“The Dragon-Blooded are descendents of the ancient race known as Dracos. They Posess incredible but the draco blood within them gets weaker through every generation.”


If you want to go completely offensive and beast mode, then Ork is the class to go. With additional armor penetration and Tenacity, this race can take on big bosses. 

Race Passive

  • Weapon arts gain 10 armor penetration, +0.2 Tenacity, and for each active buff, you gain an additional +0.1 tenacity. 
Voxlblade Ork

“Orks are a very secluded race consisted of only the strong. Many Orks are viewed as impulsive and are disliked by many.”

High Elf

High Elves are pretty decent in combat, with the ability to spam their moves more often than other races. 

Race Passive

  • Gain 25% weapon art cooldown reduction. 
Voxlblade High Elf

“The High Elves are consisted of the upper echelon of the elven tribes, They are known to be rude and respect only those who are the same status. Known widely for their vast knowledge.”


The Arborian race is weak against fire but excels in other areas, like the ability to regenerate health while in the sun and a random entangle move that procs randomly on foes. Arborian is one of the strongest classes in the game, but you need to stay away from fire! 

Race Passive

  • -100% Fire Defense, +0.5 Protection, regen in the sun, and a chance to entangle foes on hit.
Voxlblade Arborian

“The Arborians are druidic in nature. They are trees made of tough bark and use their power to protect all life.”


Kitsune is the fastest race in the game, with increased movement and attack speed, as well as a jump boost. If you want a more agile character, pick Kitsune. 

Race Passive

  • Gain +2 Jump Boost and 10% Movement Speed and +0.1 to your attack speed. 
Voxlblade Kitsune

“The Kitsune are a nomadic race travelling alone or in packs rarely staying in one place to long. They posess incredible speed and reflex and are not often caught by surprise.”

And there you have it! Those were all the races in Voxlblade. Which race did you roll? Let us know in the comments below. 

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