Warzone 2 DMZ Maximum Lobby Size

How many real players are there in Warzone DMZ?

Warzone 2’s new Al Mazrah map is massive, and it’s not only the map for Warzone but also for the new extraction mode known as DMZ. Considering the map is designed for 150-player battle royale matches, many people wonder how many players fit in a Warzone DMZ lobby. There’s AI to take into consideration, so it’s good to know how many human players are on the battlefield in a fresh lobby.

Warzone 2 DMZ Lobby Size

The lobby size in Warzone 2’s DMZ mode is 66 players. That means a total of 66 player-controlled enemies are on the map at the start of a match. Of course, that’s not considering the hundreds of AI-controlled enemies scattered through the map and occupying strongholds.

Players can enter a DMZ match in a party of up to three players–either friends or random players using auto-fill. You can go in with less and turn off auto-fill if you’re up for a challenge, but most real-player squads you run into will have three players. If you plan to drop into DMZ solo, make sure you hit up a buy station as soon as possible to pick up a self-revive kit because once you’re down, there are no friendlies to revive you.

You should also be on the lookout for UAV towers, especially if you still need to complete the first set of missions. Towers scan the area for hostiles, so be on the lookout for them on your map. Solid red squares are real human players, while hollow red squares are AI-controlled enemies.

That should answer your question about the total number of players in a Warzone 2 DMZ lobby. Remember, there are a limited number of human players, but the AI enemies keep spawning, and they will hunt you down, so proceed with caution.

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