Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes: Free Boosts (April 2024)

Get free boosts with these Weapon Fighting Simulator codes for Roblox.

Weapon Fighting Simulator, or WFS for short, is a simulator game on the Roblox platform where players collect various weapons and use them to defeat powerful enemies. Along with the weapons, collect and use spells to become the strongest martial artist in the game. Unlock all the worlds and take down all the enemies to become the best. These Weapon Fighting Simulator codes will help you out with a head start.

Use the Weapon Fighting Simulator codes below to get some free in-game boosts for extra luck, damage, spell drops, and bonus spirit and qi. The boosts will help you grind through the game faster, collect better weapons, and unlock the best content in the game. 

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April 12 2024: We checked for new Weapon Fighting Simulator codes.

Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes

Active Weapon Fighting Simulator codes:

  • west: Qi Boost, Spirit Stone Boost
  • sweep: Qi Boost, Spirit Stone Boost
  • white: Lucky Boost, Spirit Stone Boost
  • garden: Qi Boost, Damage Boost
  • woods: Spell Drop Boost, Spirit Stone Boost
  • bay: Spell Drop Boost, Spirit Stone Boost
  • firecracker: boostsQi Boost, Spirit Stone Boost
  • kite: Qi Boost, Spirit Stone Boost
  • wfs2nd: 1K Limited Tokens, Boosts
  • anniv: boosts
  • sea: boosts
  • hacker: boosts
  • newyear: boosts
  • ski: boosts
  • merryxmas: boosts
  • newgears: boosts
  • victory: boosts
  • necklace: boosts
  • champion: boosts
  • street: boosts
  • marigold: boosts
  • pumpkin: boosts
  • halloween: boosts
  • valley: boosts
  • ghost: boosts
  • spellset: boosts
  • b(and)ridge: boosts
  • moon: boosts
  • bracelet: boosts
  • dun: boosts
  • monkeyking: boosts
  • flying: boosts
  • qixi: boosts
  • freeugc: boosts
  • jet: boosts
  • tv: boosts
  • qinglong: boosts
  • jack: boosts
  • ugc: boosts
  • Skibi: boosts
  • peach: boosts
  • license: boosts
  • scorpion: boosts
  • mechwheel: boosts
  • transformers: boosts
  • ring: boosts
  • carnation: boosts
  • holo: boosts
  • mayday: boosts
  • gearpacks: boosts
  • map35: boosts
  • ascend: boosts
  • easter: boosts
  • map34: boosts
  • likemore: boosts
  • necklace: boosts
  • spell: boosts
  • map33: boosts
  • like375: boosts
  • WFS: boosts
  • weaponfighting: boosts
  • happyday: boosts
  • goodluck: boosts
  • welcome: boosts
  • Sub2RoboSlothGaming: boosts
  • RAMPHobbies: boosts
  • Worrybear: boosts
  • Carbon: boosts
  • Kingkade: boosts
  • CodeNex: boosts
  • funrix: boosts
  • JazonGaming: boosts

Expired Weapon Fighting Simulator codes:

  • fastmode
  • arena
  • map32
  • reforge
  • map31
  • oneyear
  • like350
  • gear
  • map30
  • map29
  • xmas
  • sonic
  • clever
  • serverboss2
  • defense
  • hardmode
  • spellroll
  • map28
  • map27
  • map26
  • map25
  • map24
  • map23
  • halloween
  • jack
  • candy3
  • candy2
  • candy
Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes

What are Roblox Weapon Fighting Simulator codes?

Weapon Fighting Simulator codes are random combinations of letters and numbers given out by the game’s developers. Codes are generally only available for a limited time and reward players with in-game boosts for bonus luck, shiny chances, and clicks.

How do I redeem codes for Weapon Fighting Simulator?

Roblox players can redeem codes in Weapon Fighting Simulator by launching the game and tapping on the menu icon on the left side of the screen. From the menu, tap on the Twitter icon to open the code redemption box. Enter a code and press the confirm button to redeem your free in-game rewards.

How do I get more Weapon Fighting Simulator codes?

The best way to get new codes for Weapon Fighting Simulator is by plugging into the Discord server and following the developers on Twitter. We monitor all of the known code distribution locations and add them to our code wiki here for your convenience.

To play Weapon Fighter Simulator, download the Roblox application from Google Play and the App Store.