What are the Best Wordle Guesses?

These are the best guesses in Wordle, including 5 letter words with four consonants and words with four vowels that you can use.

Wordle is a popular word game where players have to try and figure out a hidden five-letter word of the day. Through a series of six guesses, players get hints that reveal which letters are in the mystery word and if the position of those letters is correct or needs adjusting. Many players already have a strategy in mind, but if you’re new to Wordle or looking to improve your game, you may be looking for 5 letter words with four vowels or four consonants to use for guesses.

These 5 letter words can be used as guesses to help you cover as many vowels and consonants as possible in a single word. The more letters you can eliminate off the bat, the better your odds of figuring out the hidden word. Luckily, there are a few words in the English language that fit the bill and are what we consider to be the best Wordle guesses.

What are the best Wordle guesses?

The best Wordle guesses will contain five unique letters. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, you may want to knock out as many vowels or consonants as possible. Maybe you want to focus on the most common letters, or maybe you have a different approach. Regardless, if you want to figure out which vowels or consonants are in the Wordle, these are the five-letter words to try.

5-Letter Words With Four Vowels List

  • adieu
  • audio
  • auloi
  • aurei
  • louie
  • miaou
  • ouija
  • ourie
  • uraei

5-Letter Words With Four Consonants List

  • chest
  • crypt
  • glyph
  • lymph
  • lynch
  • myrrh
  • nymph
  • psych
  • sylph

Those are generally the best guesses in Wordle if you’re looking for 5 letter words with four vowels or four consonants. Again, knocking out those letters as early as possible will help you make better subsequent guesses. You should try to focus on the words with the most unique letters, as guessing a word with two of the same letters is redundant.

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