A Wordle Board Game is Coming in October

New York Times and Hasbro are bringing Wordle to real life with a new board game.

The New York Times, the mass media company and publisher of The New York Times newspaper, which acquired Wordle for an undisclosed sum earlier this year, has announced they are working with Hasbro to release a Wordle board game. Set to launch later this year, Wordle: The Party Game stays true to the original while offering some innovative new twists to make it a fun, family-friendly party game.

The board game, titled Wordle: The Party Game, stays faithful to the original but has a few key differences. First off, this is a party game. One player is chosen as host each round and must write a secret five-letter word. Like the online version, players have six tries to figure it out, but players compete against each other.

The number of guesses it takes for a player to get the mystery word reflects how many points they get, and the player with the least amount of points at the end of the game wins. It’s a perfect game to play over and over again with some friends, and the dry erase Wordle boards and markers make it easy.

There are four ways to play: classic, fast, timed, and teams. Wordle: The Party Game has a rating for ages 14+ and, like the original, is a great way to expand your vocabulary and put your word knowledge to the test while having some fun.

In an announcement on the New York Times corporate site, Jonathan Knight, head of Games for The New York Times, said, “Wordle truly brought us all together and that’s what makes it so special. With each daily puzzle, we’re connected with friends and family through social play. At New York Times Games, we’re focused on quality crafted puzzles that everyone can experience together, which is why we’re so excited to team up with Hasbro to bring a fresh new format to the global sensation of Wordle.”

Wordle: The Party Game is set to launch in October and is available for pre-order today at the official website. Put in your order today if you’re thinking about gifting this to someone for the holidays because it’s bound to sell out fast!