Wordscapes Daily Puzzle Answers for January 17 2023

Here are the Wordscapes daily puzzle answers for January 17, 2023 in case you need some help solving it.

We’re here to help you out with today’s Wordscapes January 17 2023 daily puzzle answers. Today’s puzzle has a total of 13 words, derived from 6 letters: T, R, H, U, T, S. Check out the answers below if you need any help.

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Wordscapes Daily Puzzle Answers January 17 2023

The answers to the Wordscapes daily puzzle on January 17 2023 are:

  • HUT
  • RUT
  • HURT
  • RUSH
  • RUST
  • SHUT
  • THUS
  • THRU
  • TUSH
Wordscapes Daily Puzzle Answers for January 17 2023

Wordscapes January 17 2023 Daily Puzzle Definitions

  • HUT - a small, simple, single-story house or shelter
  • RUT - a long, deep track made by the repeated passage of the wheels of vehicles
  • HURT - cause physical pain or injury to
  • RUSH - move with urgent haste
  • RUST - a reddish- or yellowish-brown flaky coating of iron oxide that is formed on iron or steel by oxidation, especially in the presence of moisture
  • SHUT - move (something) into position so as to block an opening; close
  • THUS - as a result or consequence of this; therefore
  • THRU - There is no standard english definition for this word. Check out Urban Dictionary for another meaning.
  • TUSH - expressing disapproval, impatience, or dismissal
  • TRUST - firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something
  • TRUTH - the quality or state of being true
  • STRUT - a rod or bar forming part of a framework and designed to resist compression
  • THRUST - push (something or someone) suddenly or violently in the specified direction

Definitions via Oxford Languages.

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