Wordscapes Daily Puzzle Answers for November 29 2022

Here are the Wordscapes daily puzzle answers for November 29, 2022 in case you need some help solving it.

We’re here to help you out with today’s Wordscapes November 29 2022 daily puzzle answers. Today’s puzzle has a total of 16 words, derived from 6 letters: A, T, I, T, N, C. Check out the answers below if you need any help.

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Wordscapes Daily Puzzle Answers November 29 2022

The answers to the Wordscapes daily puzzle on November 29 2022 are:

  • ACT
  • ANT
  • CAN
  • CAT
  • TAN
  • TIN
  • NIT
  • TIC
  • ANTI
  • TACT
  • TINT
Wordscapes Daily Puzzle Answers for November 29 2022

Wordscapes November 29 2022 Daily Puzzle Definitions

  • ACT - take action; do something
  • ANT - a small insect, often with a sting, that usually lives in a complex social colony with one or more breeding queens. It is wingless except for fertile adults, which often form large mating swarms, and is proverbial for industriousness.
  • CAN - be able to
  • CAT - a small domesticated carnivorous mammal with soft fur, a short snout, and retractable claws. It is widely kept as a pet or for catching mice, and many breeds have been developed.
  • TAN - a yellowish-brown color
  • TIN - a silvery-white metal, the chemical element of atomic number 50.
  • NIT - the egg or young form of a louse or other parasitic insect, especially the egg of a head louse attached to a human hair.
  • TIC - a habitual spasmodic contraction of the muscles, most often in the face.
  • ANTI - opposed to; against
  • TACT - adroitness and sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult issues
  • TINT - a shade or variety of a color
  • ATTIC - a space or room just below the roof of a building
  • TACIT - understood or implied without being stated
  • TITAN - a person or thing of very great strength, intellect, or importance
  • TAINT - a trace of a bad or undesirable quality or substance
  • INTACT - not damaged or impaired in any way; complete

Definitions via Oxford Languages.

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