Wordscapes Daily Puzzle Answers for October 24 2022

Here are the Wordscapes daily puzzle answers for October 24, 2022 in case you need some help solving it.

We’re here to help you out with today’s Wordscapes October 24 2022 daily puzzle answers. Today’s puzzle has a total of 10 words, derived from 7 letters: N, C, F, O, E, F, E. Check out the answers below if you need any help.

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Wordscapes Daily Puzzle Answers October 24 2022

The answers to the Wordscapes daily puzzle on October 24 2022 are:

  • CON
  • FEE
  • FOE
  • OFF
  • ONE
  • CONE
  • ONCE
Wordscapes Daily Puzzle Answers for October 24 2022

Wordscapes October 24 2022 Daily Puzzle Definitions

  • CON - persuade (someone) to do or believe something, typically by use of a deception
  • FEE - a payment made to a professional person or to a professional or public body in exchange for advice or services
  • FOE - an enemy or opponent
  • OFF - away from the place in question; to or at a distance
  • ONE - the lowest cardinal number; half of two; 1
  • CONE - a solid or hollow object which tapers from a circular or roughly circular base to a point
  • ONCE - on one occasion or for one time only
  • FENCE - a barrier, railing, or other upright structure, typically of wood or wire, enclosing an area of ground to mark a boundary, control access, or prevent escape.
  • COFFEE - a hot drink made from the roasted and ground seeds (coffee beans) of a tropical shrub
  • OFFENCE - There is no standard english definition for this word. Check out Urban Dictionary for another meaning.

Definitions via Oxford Languages.

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