Wordscapes Daily Puzzle Answers for September 12 2022

Here are the Wordscapes daily puzzle answers for September 12, 2022.

Wordscapes is a free-to-play mobile word puzzle game developed by PeopleFun. The challenging brainteaser game combines elements from various types of word puzzles like word searches, anagrams, and crosswords. Connect letters from a letter wheel to form words hidden inside the puzzle.

There are sometimes hidden words in the puzzle that can be challenging to figure out. That’s why we have the Wordscapes September 12 2022 daily puzzle answers, in case you’re missing a word or two and could use some assistance. You can bookmark this page and check back every day for daily answers if you ever have trouble.

Wordscapes Daily Puzzle Answers September 12 2022

The answers to the Wordscapes daily puzzle on September 12 2022 are:

  • AGES
  • GIVE
  • VASE
  • VISE
  • VISA
  • SAVE
  • SAGE
  • GAVE

Wordscapes Word Definitions

  • AGES – the length of time that a person has lived or a thing has existed.
  • VISAGE – a person’s face, with reference to the form or proportions of the features.
  • GIVE – freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone); hand over to.
  • VASE – a decorative container, typically made of glass or china and used as an ornament or for displaying cut flowers.
  • VISE – a metal tool with movable jaws that are used to hold an object firmly in place while work is done on it, typically attached to a workbench.
  • AEGIS – the protection, backing, or support of a particular person or organization.
  • VISA – an endorsement on a passport indicating that the holder is allowed to enter, leave, or stay for a specified period of time in a country.
  • SAVE – keep safe or rescue (someone or something) from harm or danger.
  • SAGE – an aromatic plant with grayish-green leaves that are used as a culinary herb, native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean.
  • GAVE – freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone); hand over to.

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Wordscapes is available for Android and iOS devices on Google Play and App Store.