Wordscapes Daily Puzzle Answers for September 27 2022

Here are the Wordscapes daily puzzle answers for September 27, 2022.

Wordscapes is a free-to-play mobile word puzzle game developed by PeopleFun. The challenging brainteaser game combines elements from various types of word puzzles like word searches, anagrams, and crosswords. Connect letters from a letter wheel to form words hidden inside the puzzle.

There are sometimes hidden words within a puzzle that can be challenging to figure out. That’s why we have the Wordscapes September 27 2022 daily puzzle answers, in case you’re missing a word or two and want some assistance. We complete and post the daily puzzle every day, so check back later if you ever need help during your Wordscapes adventure.

Wordscapes Daily Puzzle Answers September 27 2022

The answers to the Wordscapes daily puzzle on September 27 2022 are:

  • LODE
  • IDOL
  • ODE
  • DOE
  • LIE
  • DELI
  • LID
  • OLD
  • IDLE
  • OIL
  • DOLE
  • LED
  • DOZE

Wordscapes Word Definitions

  • LODE – a vein of metal ore in the earth.
  • IDOL – an image or representation of a god used as an object of worship.
  • ODE – a lyric poem in the form of an address to a particular subject, often elevated in style or manner and written in varied or irregular meter.
  • DOE – the female of the deer, antelope, goat, rabbit, and certain other animals.
  • LIE – be in or assume a horizontal or resting position on a supporting surface.
  • DELI – short for delicatessen.
  • LID – a removable or hinged cover for the top of a container.
  • OLD – having lived for a long time; no longer young.
  • IDLE – avoiding work; lazy.
  • OILED – lubricated, coated, or impregnated with oil.
  • OIL – a viscous liquid derived from petroleum, especially for use as a fuel or lubricant.
  • DOLE – benefit paid by the government to the unemployed.
  • LED – a light-emitting diode (a semiconductor diode which glows when a voltage is applied).
  • IDOLIZE – admire, revere, or love greatly or excessively.
  • DOZE – sleep lightly.

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Wordscapes is available for Android and iOS devices on Google Play and App Store.