World of Warcraft Classic Officially Goes Hardcore

World of Warcraft Classic announced that it would be officially launching Hardcore mode along with many other tweaks for the game mode.

There’s something special about WoW players that enjoy Hardcore Mode, where death is permanent and item loss and time investment are two aspects you should just forget about completely or risk a complete nervous breakdown. Blizzard is looking to reward this kind of player with an official World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore Mode announced today

The game mode will first make its way to the Public Test Realm (PTR) before making its way to the main servers in the game. In addition to the game mode, the developers also announced a slew of changes which you can see below.

World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore Mode Changes

In addition to death being permanent in Hardcore Mode, there are a ton of changes made to Hardcore mode to make it more user-friendly and less toxic. Some of the biggest changes include: 

  • Players must opt into PvP. 
  • PvP Battlegrounds and Battlemasters are disabled completely. 
  • Certain quests that flag players to PvP are altered or removed. 
  • Most creatures will leash and reset when leaving the area or zone they were engaged in.
  • All dungeons have at least a 24-hour lockout timer for players below level 60.
  • The 16 debuff limit and 32 buff limits have been removed for Hardcore.
  • Paladins being able to “bubble” and Hearth has been removed. 
  • Duel to the Death option has been added. 
  • Gameplay, Zone Disruption, and malicious player killing outside of consensual PvP will not be tolerated in Hardcore realms.

You can see a list of all the changes for WoW Hardcore mode in the official Blizzard blog post

We’ll be sure to see some amazing videos of people dying on YouTube — and we can’t wait to see the hilarious results. 

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