World Zero Dungeon Discovery Update Log & Patch Notes

Here's the patch notes and update log for the World Zero Dungeon Discovery update.
World Zero Dungeon Discovery Update

The new Dungeon Discovery update is here for World Zero, the popular Roblox dungeon crawler RPG. As of February 3, 2023, the new update adds the ability to discover new dungeons by tracking them and finding them in the world. Players can also head to the Dungeon Portal to randomly play any dungeon in the game at max level.

Below is a full list of World Zero Dungeon Discovery patch notes, which are posted in-game as well as in the official World Zero Discord. The update log is broken into two sections, including one for gameplay and one for general bug fixes.

Make sure to check out our World Zero codes page to take advantage of the latest in-game rewards!

World Zero Dungeon Discovery Update Log & Patch Notes (February 3, 2023)


  • Dungeon Discovery is here! Unlock Dungeons by finding their physical locations in their respective worlds! 🗺️ 
  • Existing players will have all Dungeons already unlocked except for their current World!
  • All Worlds are updated to have physical Dungeon locations!
  • Tracking a “Do Dungeon ?-?” Quest will guide you to the Dungeon location!
  • The Dungeon Menu will now only show Dungeons in your current World!
  • Dungeon Difficulties revamped to only include Normal and Nightmare and do not change required level!
  • Nightmare Mode gives you 2x Tier 4 and Tier 5 loot, while giving the Monsters more damage and health! :OrangeSkull: 
  • The Dungeon Portal is here! Randomly play any Dungeon in the game at max level! The Portal changes Dungeons every 15 minutes! 🔥 
  • Tower Wave Defense adjusted to spawn mobs as you kill them instead of waiting on a fixed timer! 
  • Elite Mobs now have less Health, but more Attack Speed and Damage! :PurpleSkull: 
  • Daily Quest added for Dungeon Portal completion!
  • Weekly Quests adjusted to always generate relative to your current level!
  • World 4 refreshed to remove all elevators and include fast travel pipes instead!
  • Dungeon 4-2 revamped physically and mechanically!
  • Swordmaster basic attack is now sped up!

Bug Fixes

  • Upgrading items will update their stats immediately and no longer require a re-equip!
  • Dyed items should no longer change the Hex Code when reloading!
  • Console can now skip cutscenes! 
  • Controllers will no longer auto select the World Event UI when it appears

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