World Zero: How to Beat Korrupted Klaus

In our Korrupted Klaus guide we show you how to beat him in the Roblox experience, World Zero.

World Zero, the popular and fun RPG Roblox experience just released their holiday update introducing a new seasonal boss called Korrupted Klaus. He is a powerful boss that will require a team to beat. Keep reading for our guide on how to find and beat him!


How to Beat Korrupted Klaus

To defeat Korrupted Klaus, stay away from his ranged attacks, which will appear under your feet, and circle around him while attacking him with ranged attacks. Make sure to get a good-sized party so that it’s easier for you to take him out. You can have a party of up to 10 players. If you keep circling around him, he’s actually too slow to hit you, so you can just defeat him this way. 

Each of his attacks does a lot of damage, so if you’re not careful, you’ll be defeated quickly. Once you lower his health a bit, he will start spawning many enemies. 

Kill the enemies first, then focus back on Klaus to finish him off. Once you do, you’ll reap your sweet rewards. 

Fighting Korrupted Klaus
Fighting Korrupted Klaus

To get to Korrupted Klaus in World Zero, Hit Tab, then Dungeons (V), then click the Event Area and click the Start button. You can also get to him from Town. This will teleport you to the Korrupted Klaus arena.

Finding Korrupted Klaus in World Zero
Fight Korrupted Klaus

Korrupted Klaus Rewards

Defeating Korrupted Klaus will unlock the following rewards: 

  • Candy Cane Greatsword Cosmetic
  • Candy Cane Spear Cosmetic
  • Candy Cane Staff Cosmetic
  • Candy Cane Bow Cosmetic
  • Candy Cane Axe Cosmetic
  • Candy Cane Shield Cosmetic
  • Candy Cane Scythe Cosmetic
  • Candy Cane Longsword Cosmetic
  • Holiday Knight Costume
  • Festive Prize Ticket
  • Holiday Helm (Extra Reward)
  • Holiday Coin Prize Ticket

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