YBA Trello Link and Discord Server (February 2023)

Are you looking for the official YBA or Your Bizarre Adventure link? You're in luck because we have it. Keep reading to get it.
Your bizarre adventure, featured image to Trello and Discord

YBA or Your Bizarre Adventure, developed by Bizarre Studios, is a fun, action-packed game based on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. In YBA, you can choose different Stands or energy abilities to become the strongest person on the server. By gaining unique and powerful abilities, you’ll be able to unleash damage upon your foes. All that’s standing in your way is knowledge, and you’ll get plenty of it at the game’s Trello board and Discord server.

The Venture Tale Trello link is: https://trello.com/b/nV2ngLeZ/yba-primary-board

Many experiences in Roblox have their own Trello, which helps the game’s developer communicate to the community and plan for the future. While WIKIs are useful, Trello’s are even better because you can also see what is upcoming in the game. The YBA Trello has information about gameplay, map info, stories, quests, NPCs, items, Stands, bosses, and more.

Your Bizarre Adventure YBA Discord

Your Bizarre Adventure YBA Discord Server: https://discord.gg/yba

Sure, Trello is awesome, but there’s no chatting on the board! That’s where Discord comes in, and the YBA Discord is massive. There are loads of players to chat with, and channels to get game updates, announcements, and sneak peeks.

Trello Guide


  • Skill tree: You gain 2 skill points each time you level up.
  • Posing: Press P to pose and heal much faster.
  • Blocking: Hold F to block damage. Many attacks cannot be blocked.
  • Parrying/Perfect Blocking: Holding F with perfect timing will reflect a heavy punch or R attack and stun the attacker. This also applies to many other abilities.
  • Dashing: Allows you to move fast in a short burst, if you dash backward while on fire, the fire will go out.

Prestige Guide

How do I Prestige?

To prestige in YBA or Your Bizarre Adventure, get max level on each prestige and talk to Prestige Master Will on the main game map.

The prestige levels in YBA are:

  • Prestige 0 = Level 35
  • Prestige 1 = Level 40
  • Prestige 2 = Level 45
  • Prestige 3 = Level 50 (Current Maximum Level/Prestige)

What does Prestige do?

Your max level is extended by 5, allowing you to get more skill points. However, your level resets back to Level 1 and resets any quest progress so you can redo all of them.


How do I drop items?

Press backspace while holding the item to drop it.

How do I drop money?

Click on the $ Icon to the left of your screen and type the amount you would like to drop. Press Enter to drop it on the ground.

That’s everything you need to know about the Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA) Trello, so get ready to start reading. Visit our Roblox guides wiki for more Trello links and codes for your favorite Roblox experiences.

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