33 Immortals: This Co-Op Roguelike is Blowing My Mind

33 players on-screen working towards the same goal? Sign me up.

The Xbox Games Showcase featured many impressive new titles, one of which was a co-op roguelike featuring 33 players.

Of all the announcements and premieres during the Xbox Games Showcase 2023, 33 Immortals is perhaps the most distinct title displayed throughout the event. An ambitious top-down roguelike, the game looks to be a genre-bending 33-player co-op game where you and a team of other players must face down the demonic waves of enemy mobs to continue to the light. Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming game. 

33 Immortals Announcement Trailer

The nearly 2-minute announcement trailer the gameplay in the upcoming action roguelike. Set to release in 2024, the game features a relics and perks system that veteran roguelike players will already be familiar with. 

In 33 Immortals, saving teammates will enable players to sustain a larger fighting force, making taking down the challenging boss battles much easier. 

While there have been other multiplayer co-op roguelike titles, this, along with the upcoming Devolver Digital title, Karma Zoo, plan to take the multiplayer element of the game to the next level, incorporating more players on-screen than what’s been possible before. 

33 Immortals will release into Early Access in 2024 for PC and Xbox X|S. Developed and published by Thunder Lotus, the title will also be available via Xbox Games Pass. Players can sign up to participate in a private testing phase on the official 33 Immortals website

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