A New, Low-Polygon Game is Taking Over Steam

BattleBit Remastered is an FPS that many in the community are comparing to Battlefield.

Gaming on the PC can be pretty brutal at times. Trying to run modern games at a decent framerate can be a struggle unless you can afford top-of-the-line video cards and CPUs. A team of three indie developers is looking to change all that with their recent release of BattleBit Remastered on Steam. If you’ve heard murmurs of the title and want to know what it’s all about, keep reading.

What is BattleBit Remastered?

BattleBit Remastered is a low-polygon, massively multiplayer FPS that supports up to 254 players per server. There are a variety of maps with destructible environments and military vehicles like tanks, helicopters, transports, and sea vessels that players can pilot. 

In addition, there is a class system in the game, with Assault, Medic, Engineer, Support, and Recon roles available depending on your preferred playstyle. Probably the most apparent aspect of the game, however, is the low-polygon graphics, which enable players from a range of PCs to participate in the online title. Watch the trailer for the game below: 

Following a Long Tradition

If you’re a PC gamer who prefers first-person shooters, then you’re probably already aware of players lowering their settings to see better in combat or squeeze out a few more frames per second. BattleBit forgoes that need and instead delivers players with high-velocity FPS gameplay with good movement and a stellar netcode. 

As of this morning, that has resonated with audiences as the game is maintaining a concurrent user base of over 20,000 players, according to SteamDB. Even more surprising, however, is that just three indie developers developed this effort. This might be a signal to AAA developers that players might not be interested in big-name voice actors or amazing graphics but instead want to play a fun game. 

If you’re interested in playing the game, you can find BattleBit Remastered on Steam.

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