Contraband Police Gets Endless Mode

The fun border-control game gets Endless Mode to aid in re-playability.

Contraband Police, the unique indie border patrol game where players must check passports and ensure that vehicles are up-to-code, is getting a new, expansive update that will add Endless Mode to the title. 

The new update dropped to half of the players who applied for the test, with the next round of access going out to players on July 27, 2023, at 8 a.m. PT/11 a.m. ET. 

What is Contraband Police Endless Mode?

Endless Mode is a new game mode for the border patrol game that will task players with an endless stream of immigrants and visitors to the country. This breaks away from the game’s typical linear format that lacks gameplay variety through multiple playthroughs. 

In addition to the game mode, the developers of the game, Crazy Rocks, plan to add more upgradeable options to players’ outposts, including roads, gates, fences, garages, and more. There will also be 10 new police ranks, 20 new entry regulations, daily missions, and an improved perception system. 

Adding this randomized element to the game is a pretty big enhancement and creates replayability that wasn’t available for the title before. Since the game isn’t too long, this completely changes how the game will be played. 

To sign up for the Contraband Police Endless Mode playtest, visit the Steam store page and select Request Access. 

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