Contraband Police: How to Upgrade Your Base, Officers, and Vehicles

If you want to be more efficient in Contraband Police, upgrading your base and officers will help you in your journey. 

In Contraband Police, players can upgrade their bases, promote officers, and buy new vehicles as they earn more cash throughout their playthrough. Upgrading your base will make dropping off contraband and prisoners much easier, while promoting officers will make defending your base a lot easier.

How to Upgrade Your Base, Officers, and Vehicles in Contraband Police

Players can upgrade their Lodging, Warehouses, and Prisons in Contraband Police. To upgrade your base, access your office and sit down at the computer, click the category you want to upgrade on the left side, then click the arrows to scroll through the different structures and officers you can upgrade. Click the upgrade button to spend the cash on upgrading them. Upgrading your base will raise the maintenance costs at the end of each day. 

How to Upgrade in Contraband Police
Upgrading Lodging Contraband Police

Promoting officers increases their overall health and provides them with better weapons. Click the officer’s tab on the left side, then upgrade them on the bottom right side of the screen. 

Upgrading Officers Contraband Police
Sergeant Novik Contraband Police

Lastly, players can purchase new vehicles and upgrade owned cars or trucks. Click the vehicle tab on the screen’s left side to see your options. Each vehicle has its strengths and weaknesses.

Building Upgrades

Players can upgrade the following three buildings:

  • Lodging: Lodging will increase your overall max health and improve your perception level, enabling you to match information for a longer period throughout the day. 
  • Warehouses: Warehouses increase the capacity of how many items you can hold at your base, so you don’t need to transport contraband as often. 
  • Prisons: Upgrading your prisons will increase the capacity or the number of prisoners you can hold at your base at a single time. 
Contraband Police Prison

Upgrading Constables 

There are 6 total Constables that can help you in your base. Upgrading them improves their overall health and weapon but makes them cost more, increasing your overall upkeep costs. Constables can be upgraded to Corporals, and Corporals are then promoted to Seargent. The first upgrade costs $350, and the second upgrade is $500. 

The 6 Constables in Contraband Police include:

  • Maximov
  • Repnin
  • Moscovich
  • Novik
  • Kovalski
  • Smirnov

Upgrading and Purchasing Vehicles

Finally, on this screen — players can also upgrade or purchase new vehicles. Upgrades will increase the car or truck’s durability. Players can obtain and upgrade the following vehicles:

  • Azar-V ZZ 
  • Zaved XT 
  • Grazduk P9 

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