Contraband Police: All Countries, Flags, and Stamps

Keep this guide up while you play.

At a certain point in Contraband Police, players will need to ensure that visitors to the country don’t have counterfeited documents. Pulling up your Duty Folder to go through the pages every time is annoying, so we created this guide to help you out. 

If you don’t feel like rifling through your Duty Folder, then you can keep this guide up while you play the game and refer back to it when you can’t remember. 

All Countries, Flags, and Stamps in Contraband Police

There are five countries with unique flags, stamps, and stationery in Contraband Police. The five countries include the following:

Republic of Kagastam
United RaliUnited Rali StampsUnited Rali Stationery
Al’barakhAlbarakh StampsAlbarakh Stationery
Kingdom of ErkeiKingdom of Erkei Stamps

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If you’d like to learn more about each country, see below. 


The Acaristan People’s Republic is a country famous for its rich mineral deposits and metallurgical industry. Most of the population lives in the fertile western areas and around the Satekan agglomeration. At the head of the communist government is the Acarist Workers Party, which has ruled continuously since the Great Peasants Revolution in 1943.

Republic of Kagastam

The Kagastam Republic is a wealthy and dynamically developing nation. Many years of conquests under Adar Kashala established the country as the region’s economic leader. The heavy industry and the automotive industry have been successfully developing here for years. Large ethnic diversity in the country is the cause of numerous persecution and social conflicts.

United Rali

The United Republic of Rali was established in 1960 as a result of the merger of three allied states. Their main goal was to strengthen their position in the international area. Unfortunately, the newly elected government could not agree on the issue of balanced development. Corruption and years of neglect ultimately led the country to extreme poverty. 


The Kingdom of Al’barakh has been ruled hard by Azad Al-Rabar for years. Once a poor desert country, the country is now enjoying an economic boom with the recent discovery of abundant oil reserves. Since 1968, there has been a constant conflict with Kagastam over the eastern territories, which led to the depopulation of the border towns. 

Kingdom of Erkei

The Kingdom of Erkei is a monarchy with a long and glorious tradition. This armed and rich country is the only one in the region with gold deposits. Now under the rule of Queen Keilana, who took the crown from her brother in 1980 after a successful coup d’etat. Most of the society does not accept the new ruler and the absolutism she introduced. 

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