Contraband Police: The Lost One Guide

Chapter 6 of Contraband Police includes a multi-step mission called The Lost One. Finishing all the steps in the task isn’t straightforward, so we created this full walkthrough to help you through the entire quest. 

Some quests in Contraband Police are more straightforward than others, and The Lost One is not one of those quests. Agents are told that a man was brutally beaten and abducted at the Sawmill, and it’s up to them to solve the mystery. 

The Lost One Quest Guide

This quest requires players to search the Sawmill and speak to those that saw the crime, visit the Old Ruins for more clues, then travel to the Labor Camp to interrogate a prisoner. Finally, players will find themselves in the Cemetery, where they must locate the abducted man. 

Before leaving for the quest, make sure that your vehicle is fully repaired and that you have enough ammunition to get into a fight. 

Talk to the Sawmill Manager and Search the Car

Players will receive a call on the phone, which initiates The Lost One quest. Get into your car and travel to the Sawmill, and speak with the manager there. 

Sawmill Manager Contraband Police

Next, the manager will ask you to search the small Micros 26D car out front. Enter the car, then go to the back seat and look under the passenger’s side seat for a Wallet. Once you get it, go back to the Sawmill manager. 

From here, you’ll need to speak to Dimitri Kozlov, who should be located behind the Sawmill doing some work. After speaking to him, he will provide players with a note that has more clues. 

The Lost One Note

Search the Old Ruins

From here, players will have to make their way to the Old Ruins, which will have many enemies waiting for them. Ensure you have a weapon and enough ammunition to take them all out. Once you get rid of all the enemies, make your way to the structure in the back of the Ruins — there should be an arrow pointing to the room you need to search. Pick up the KGP Files and Letter on the desk to start the next part of the quest. 

Old Ruins KGP Files and Letter

Make the Prisoner Talk

Now, you’ll need to drive to the Labor Camp. Talk to the supervisor there, then make your way to the mining pit behind the supervisor area. Make your way down and follow the path. The prisoner that you must question is named Ivan Karpin and is bald with a red beard. 

You may be asking yourself, how do I make the prisoner talk? Well, it took us a bit to figure out, but to make the prisoner talk, hit them with a crowbar or other object until they speak. It takes a few hits for them to respond, but eventually, he will unlock the next part of the quest. 

Make the Prisoner Talk Ivan Karpin

Find Belov at the Cemetery

The last part of the quest asks you to Find Belov at the Cemetery, who can be located at the back of the large church structure. Enter the back door and make your way down into the basement to find him. Once he finishes telling you what happened, you’ll have the choice to Help or Leave him. 

Find Belov at the Cemetery

After you choose, you’ll see a short cutscene, and you’ll be transported back to your base to finish the day of work. The Lost One quest isn’t the most straightforward in the game, so it’s understandable if you get stuck. 

If you are still have trouble with the quest, watch the video below.

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