A One Piece Game Trello Link and Discord (April 2024)

Use the A One Piece Game Trello link to unlock all the knowledge you need to be the most powerful person officially on the server

A One Piece Game, a Roblox game developed by Boss Studio [ V.1 ], follows everyone’s favorite anime character, Luffy, and his adventures. A One Piece Game Trello has important details and information you can’t find anywhere else. You can use the A One Piece Game Trello to discover the location for devil fruits and coffin boats, as well as links to the Boss Studio Twitter and YouTube. By gaining this powerful knowledge, you’ll be able to dominate the server. The best spot to get it is at the AOP Trello and Discord servers.

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A One Piece Game Trello link is: https://trello.com/b/h1mlFxfm/aopg-trello

Many experiences in Roblox have their own Trello, which helps the game’s developer communicate to the community and plan for the future. A wiki can be useful for a lot, but Trello is better because you can also see what is upcoming in the game. AOP’s Trello board has information about gameplay, map info, stories, quests, NPCs, Devil fruits, Boat locations, items, Stands, bosses, and more.

A One Piece Game Discord Server

A One Piece Game Discord server is: https://discord.gg/bosstudio

As we mentioned, Trello is useful for a lot, but there’s no way to communicate with other players on there. That’s where Discord comes in, and they have a massive community with awesome support and lots of information about every aspect of the game.

A One Piece Game Trello Guide

Greetings, welcome to the A0PG starter guide where hopefully, this guide will help you get started on your journey in the game and get you up to speed with how the game works and what direction you should be going to progress and fulfill your desires of becoming a strong and capable pirate.

This guide will include a basic introduction and try to be as simple as possible with what you should be doing. The goal of this guide is to get you off your feet. Before you start, here are a few little tips for you on your journey:

  • You should not worry about obtaining a devil fruit as early as possible.
  • You do not need to purchase any of the game passes, all items – excluding boats, notifiers, and boosts – can be obtained within the game.
  • Don’t worry about the race system too much; they provide a little bonus or a hindrance unless you’re a fisherman which will be covered.
  • When you open the game, you should click “menu” and the little gear icon and scroll down to PVP and disable it.

Starter Island

You start on a Starter Island, with quite a few NPCs around, but don’t worry about those right now. You should find an NPC called “Quest Dummy 1.” Stand next to them and click on them, and they will prompt you to select a few quests that you can do on the island. Select the “Eliminate 5 Bandits” quest and travel up the main bath to their camp and defeat them. Doing quests in this game will level up your stats which can be tracked within the menu by clicking the icon with the bars rising up.

If you happen to see any treasure chests, walk up to them and click on them, this will help you get Beli, the currency used in this game.

You can keep doing this quest over and over until you feel like trying something harder. Check the quests by value to see which one is harder. You can always abandon a quest if you feel it requires too much effort.

Once you get 50 thousand Beli, head on over to the NPC in town named “Traveling Merchant,” and click on him to purchase an Island Tracker. This item when equipped, will bring up a menu on all the islands within the first sea. You can keep grinding on Starter Island until you feel comfortable moving on.

Leaving Starter Island

When you feel ready to leave Starter Island, open the menu, click on the ship icon and purchase a ship. Ship purchases do not save but they’re cheap, so do not worry. Once you have a boat of your choice, go to the ocean and face it, open the Ship menu and click “Spawn,” and your boat should spawn and get on it.

Equip the Island Tracker, and I strongly recommend you head to Shell’s Town next by clicking on it on the menu. The glowing light of the island tracker will face toward the island; that is the direction you should be going. Once you arrive at Shell’s town, find the NPC with the white aura around him and click on him to set your spawn point. You are now at Shell’s Town, where you will be able to purchase your first sword!

Shells Town:

You have arrived at Shells town; this island is the entry point into using swords and the next island in this guide. Head up the ramp to the quest dummy and keep doing the quest until you get 100k Beli. Once you have done the task from the quest giver, go right and jump down to the level below where you stand and walk straight on, Zoro will be there, and he will give you the 1 sword style; this will give you a far better boost in power.

There are a few things you could do after getting your first sword, but I’d recommend grinding Shells Town until you get 700k Beli which might take a little bit of grinding, but it will be worth it. Once you get the 700k Beli, head back to your boat.

Unlocking Haki:

Go back to your boat, get out your Island Tracker, select Dawn Island, and head there; however, do not land on the Island; once you are there, on the island tracker, select Logue Town and watch where the tracker points to. Wherever the tracker is pointing, go in the opposite direction of it until you reach an island with a massive tower you will have arrived at Random Wilderness. 

Climbing this tower might look difficult but there is an easy method to get up this tower without using any devil fruit. Keep pressing the space bar to use Geppo – the double jump skill – and have your one sword style out. If you find yourself low on stamina, hold down the Q button to lock yourself in the air, and your stamina will regenerate, once full let go of Q and keep on jumping until you arrive at the top to see Silvers Rayleigh, who will teach you haki for 700k Beli. Congratulations, you have received your next big power boost!

While you are at it, if you save up to 500k Beli, return to Starter Island and look just near the big stone archway at the top. You will see Sanji of the Straw Hat Pirates, head over to him and talk to him, and he will teach you the first stage of Black Leg Style, one of these skills, Diable Jambe, will increase your damage for your moves as well. If you get 20m Beli, you can later upgrade Diable Jambe to make it stronger and with your attacks.

Important: Diable Jambe’s additional damage boost does not increase when you level strength up so don’t worry if your strength is low.

Grinding stats and money:

Your next task and main goal overall will be to get your stats up and get stronger equipment, money, and accessories. After obtaining Haki, you should head to Arlong Park next if you feel like you want to get stronger, or you could grind back in Shell’s Town for another 700k Beli and unlock 2 sword styles from Zoro.

Grind to 500k Beli, return to Starter Island, and talk to the NPC “Xury Senpai,” and he will offer you a quest scroll for 500k. Take this item and use it; it will give you an additional quest slot, allowing you to double your money rate essentially as you can select the same quest repeatedly. You can get a total of 4 quest scrolls from Xury Senpai, adding up to 5 million Beli altogether, but it is very much worth it.

Working on your stats is “key” to getting further along the game; this guide can’t give you a rough estimate of what your stats should be for said Island; it is down to you at the end of the day.

Once you feel confident enough in your abilities, get 5,000 total stats, that means all 7 stats up need to be at 5,000 and try to beat the Law Raid in Logue Town. Once you have done this, you may access the Second Sea!

Menu UI:

  • Boat spawns your boats.
  • 3 Bars is stats.
  • Fruit icon shows/hides your current moves if you have an ability selected.
  • 3 Player Heads create your Pirate Crew. (Costs $20,000,000 Beli)
  • Beli icon shows microtransactions!
  • Bird is how you input CODES!
  • Fruit with the arrows around it is how you trade!

Treasure chests:

-Chests can give up to $5,000 Beli.
-Chests also have a 0.5% chance to give a devil fruit.
-They have set spawn locations.

And there you have it! Thats our A One Piece Game Trello Link and Guide.

That’s everything you need to know about the A One Piece Game Trello and Discord, so get ready to start reading. Get more codes for your favorite Roblox experience by visiting our Roblox game codes page.