A Sci-Fi Sleeper That Looks More Interesting than Starfield

In a sea of science fiction RPGs, The Invincible stands out from the rest.

In a sea of up-and-coming sci-fi adventure RPGs and future dystopia narratives, it’s hard to set yourself apart from the pack. While we’d be lying if we said we’re not at least slightly interested in the newest Bethesda creation, Starfield (who wouldn’t like Fall Out in space?), we would be lying if we said we weren’t left feeling somewhat underwhelmed by the early-release trailer for the game. 

We’ve already played the resource-gathering grind that is No Man’s Sky, explored the deep, dark chasms of space in Elite Dangerous, and ran through the Fall Out-esque storyline in Outer Worlds

That’s not saying you can’t take an old idea and create something new and fantastic from it–we’re actually saying the inverse. That’s where a game like The Invincible comes into play. 

Set in the future on a foreign planet, The Invincible plays like a Buck Rogers, Lost in Space show straight from the 60s. And while you’d think that the aesthetic would create some disconnect for a modern audience, it weirdly works in a world of generic-looking space games. 

A Story-Driven Singleplayer Experience

Typically, media like gaming and television benefit from the strong character and world-building that novels and other written media can provide. The Invincible seems to be no exception. 

Based on a German novel of the same name, author Stanisław Lem published the book in 1964. The book probes deep questions like the goal of evolution and what meaningful “intelligence” really means. It questions the attachment to the human ego and the fact that our subjective reality might not adhere to the more powerful forces of the universe. 

The game follows a crashed crew on planet Regis III in the Lyra constellation. The gameplay seems to concentrate on solving complex problems, and your decisions seem to impact the story. Watch early gameplay footage below: 

As gaming takes a more multi-player, persistently online approach, we look forward to powerful one-player narratives that engage and enthrall players. We’re optimistic to see whether the game can replicate the same expansive concepts as the written work. 

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