Against the Storm Release Date and Trailer

If you're into city-building rougelites, you mark the Against the Storm release date on your calendar.

Fans of both city builders and roguelites will be thrilled with the upcoming release of Against the Storm, a dark-fantasy city-building game. Here’s everything we know about the early access Against the Storm release date, trailer, and details. 

What is the Against the Storm Release Date?

Against the Storm releases in Early Access on November 1, 2022. While there is no word for an official 1.0 release date, users who decide to purchase the game in early access will gain special unlocks. 

Against the Storm Early Access Unlocks

For gamers who wish to be a part of the experience of playing through a game in this phase, they will be able to unlock the following items when they purchase Against the storm in Early Access:

  • 5 biomes
  • 4 playable species
  • Daily Challenges
  • 170+ Deeds (including 50 Steam Achievements)
  • 4 basic & 20 Prestige difficulty levels
  • Blightrot corruption system
  • Trade Routes system
  • 230+ Regular Orders & 60+ Timed Orders
  • 250+ perks
  • 8 traders
  • 60+ Smoldering City Upgrades
  • 80+ buildings & 30+ decorations
  • Hub Upgrades
  • 60+ unique encounters and events (and numerous ruins)
  • 20 World Map Modifiers
  • 3 World Map Factions
  • And more!

Against the Storm Trailer – What is Against the Storm?

Against the Storm is a dark-fantasy city-building game, developed by Eremite Games. In Against the Storm, players must rebuild their kingdom after its destruction by apocalyptic rain. 

Against all odds, players will lead their kingdoms and settlements to victory in many different scenarios. While there is no singular way to victory, players will need to ensure they can use anything to keep the last settlements of civilization alive.

Those who wish to see if they have what it takes to rebuild civilization can pick up Against the Storm on the Steam marketplace and the Epic Games Store when it releases on November 1, 2022. 

Check out the Against the Storm trailer here: 

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