Airship: Kingdoms Adrift Demo Lets you Captain a Flying Boat with Cannons

Explore the skies and build a fleet.

The Airship: Kingdoms Adrift Demo is back up on the Steam Store. Revolution Industry is currently working on the title and wants to share its progress so far. The developers originally posted up a playable Demo back in October, and it’s back to mark their PVP Open Test period.

What is Airship: Kingdoms Adrift?

Airship: Kingdoms Adrift is a trading and combat sim centered around building and controlling airships. Players take the role of an airship Captain trying to establish themselves in the skies of Europa. There’s a variety of ship hulls and components to design custom vessels. Airship: Kingdoms Adrift you can be a merchant, honorable captain, or pirate–depending on your goals.

Watch the Airship: Kingdoms Adrift trailer here:

Airship: Kingdoms Adrift Demo Open PVP Test Details

Unlike the previous demo, which only had PVE mechanics, this version allows players to combat each other. There’s no lobby browser, so players must set up a room and give the room code to other players to get a battle. PvP matches can have up to 3 players per side, each with 1 Flagship and 2 Escorts.

Only the Prologue of the Main Story can be played in the newest demo, but 30+ Ports are available to explore, and it sounds like more ways to interact with the world have been added. This demo version also offers a wider selection of ships and weapons, including the Gunboat and Light Frigate classes.

The developers have announced “PvP mode in the demo will be available exclusively for this month only!” The demo itself will remain in the Steam Store.

Read their full news announcement here.

We’re off to cover the Lindwyrm Corvette’s deck with cannons again. Read more stories in our News Section.