How to Beat TR-14 in Arknights

Here's how to beat TR-14 in Arknights, and destroy enemies using unique environment terrain.

Arknights can be a complicated game with many units possessing unique skills and abilities. Tutorial stages are designed to give players an overview of different game mechanics. One of these tutorials is called Terrain Attack, and it’s a tough one to crack. Here’s how to beat TR-14 in Arknights and destroy tough enemies using the environment.

Certain Specialist Operators can be deployed anywhere regardless of the melee/ranged restrictions. Their skills can also manipulate enemies to other locations by either pushing or pulling them.

How to Beat TR-14 in Arknights

To beat TR-14 in Arknights, position Shaw on the elevated tile facing the hole. Shaw will push the Metal Crabs that spawn at the top into the hole as they pass by. Use any of the remaining Operators to take care of the weaker Soldier units spawning from the bottom.

How to Beat TR-14 in Arknights

Overall, this tutorial serves as an introduction to Specialist Operators and unique terrain mechanics. Shaw is the focus in this particular tutorial, and his Steam Pump ability pushes targets towards the attack direction slightly, dealing 105% of ATK Physical Damage.

Shaw and any other Specialist Operator can be deployed on any tile, including raised tiles. Other Specialist Operators, like Rope with her Hook Shot, can pull units towards them. Make sure to use Specialist Operators when the opportunity presents itself, as they can make some problematic levels much more manageable.

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