Barotrauma Talent Rework Details and Sneak Peek

New Talents, better bots, and more are coming in the Barotrauma Talent Rework. Here are the details you need to know.

Fakefish and Undertow Games are continuing their progress on the disaster-management/submarine simulator, Barotrauma. They’re offering a sneak peek at their newest changes: a rework of the Talent Tree system. Read ahead for Barotrauma Talent Rework details. 

What’s in the Barotrauma Talent Rework Update?

The Barotrauma Talen Rework includes several updates and enhancements to the base game, including,

  • Reorganized Talent Trees
  • New Talents
  • Bot Upgrades

The Barotrauma Talent Rework will likely go live on the main servers before the end of the year and is currently playable on the Unstable Test Branch. 

Reorganized Talent Trees

Developers found they weren’t happy with their original version of the Talent System. Players could, fairly early, get nearly all Talents for their career. 

Going forward, each character can only fill out one Specialization tree. In exchange, a number of Talents have been moved into a new Generic Talents section. Players can grab as many of these as they wish for a more versatile build. It also grants more time to ponder the new Specializations before committing.

New Talents

Some of the old Talents have been removed or reworked. Some of them were, by the devs own admission, needlessly wordy or barely related to the classes they’re part of. We’re most excited by the assorted Melee Talents on Mechanic; we spend a lot of time bashing heads for a repair guy.

The final Talents now take longer to unlock but grant a bigger bonus once they do. We already thought the final Talents were good, but we’re seeing new additions such as the Mechanic’s Exosuit and Scrap Cannon. Our current sub has 2 suitcases full of scrap metal, so we’re thrilled.

Bot Upgrades

This rework lets the developers address an ongoing problem: Talents are better on players than they are on bots. In particular, the bots couldn’t use Talents that required a specific action (like ragdolling) to activate. As a result of the changes, bots benefit just as much from the new Talents as players do.

We’re looking forward to when these changes hit the main branch of Barotrauma. Players that want a closer look can opt into the Unstable Test Branch. The instructions for doing so and the Talent Rework blog post are available here.

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