EA Is Reportedly Working on a Black Panther Game

You become the new Black Panther in the new game

According to Jeff Grub on his GiantBomb podcast, EA is currently developing a new game based on the Black Panther franchise. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Black Panther game currently under development. 

What is the New EA Black Panther Game? 

According to Jeff Grub’s podcast, the Black Panther game is currently in early development with Electronic Art’s yet-to-be-named Seattle studio. The studio, headed by Kevin Stephens, will be creating a game based in the movie universe, and you’ll be helming the mantle of the all-new Black Panther. This game concept sounds like it could be incredibly immersive and fun at face value. We’re hoping that character customization comes into play with this. 

The Lead Director of the studio, Kevin Stephens, former VP of Monolith Productions, and group general manager Samantha Ryan are best known for the games Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Middle-earth: Shadow of War, according to a GamesIndustry interview. 

Excelling in an open-world space, we’re very excited about the prospect of an open-world game that includes the characters from Black Panther. Though no details have been confirmed as of writing, we’ll be sure to hear more over the development cycle. 

When Does the Black Panther Game Release?

It’s far too early to say when the game will release, as EA has not even officially announced development on the game. Game tie-ins can take longer due to licensing and cross-collaboration between movie and gaming studios. Even though seasoned professionals helm the game, there’s no telling what year they plan to announce the new Black Panther game. 

Though it’s very early on, we’re excited that an excellent IP is one of the first games that EA’s new Seattle studio will tackle. The currently unnamed Black Panther game will be the first AAA game released based solely on the IP. 

All we’ve got to say is #WakandaForever. 

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