Clanfolk Is a Fun Colony Sim Worth Giving a Shot

If you're a fan of randomly-generated worlds and unique colony sims, keep reading

If you’re into colony and life simulators, then Clanfolk might be for you. Set in the Scottish Highlands, Clanfolk is a medieval colony sim with family trees and randomly generated worlds. Here’s what you need to know about Clanfolk. 

What is Clanfolk? 

Clanfolk is a colony sim created by Minmax Games. In Clanfolk, you start with a small family of settlers who gather food and materials to build a town and eventually run an entire colony. You collect more settlers through immigration and birthing new generations. In Clanfolk, your family means a lot, and there is a family tree you can follow along with. You may have several generations through a single save file before your game is over. 

In terms of gameplay, Clanfolk is hard

Through the demo playthrough, our village definitely died of starvation before we even got started (who knew you needed a roof over a fire for it to work), though the tutorial is pretty informative. For some, the art style in Clanfolk may turn them off. While very simplistic, it adds uniqueness to the game. 

Image via MinMax Games

A lot will feel familiar if you’ve played other colony sims. You gather resources using a box-style gathering system, you can place priority on building and other unit actions, and your villagers require specific resources to stay alive and thrive. If you like games like Beaverton and Rimworld, you should give Clanfolk a try. 

See the trailer for Clanfolk here: 

We’re excited to see how the full alpha release compares to the early-access demo of the game. 

When Does Clanfolk Come Out? 

Clanfolk comes on via early access on July 14, 2022. You can play the demo on Steam now. 

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