Contraband Police Creators Launch an Ambitious New Great Wall Simulator

The new game is called Chinese Frontiers and will task the player to build a historic Chinese settlement from the ground up. 

SolidGames and PlayWay S.A. are at it again with another interesting video game called Chinese Frontiers: Prologue. Currently listed on Steam, the game is a much more ambitious project than assuming the role of a border police agent. Chinese Frontiers: Prologue is a free playable slice of the game available for PC on April 28, 2023. 

Players will craft equipment and goods, construct a piece of the Great Wall, and collect food and resources like in other games in the survival genre. Marcin, the Art Director and Producer for Chinese Frontiers, recently updated players on the first dev blog

“The main goal of the game is to obtain material, transform it, and then build the Great Wall of China. Moreover, all of the Great Wall missions are the actual Great Wall Landmarks!”

Unlike Contraband Police (which did have an open world), it seems like Chinese Frontiers is a much more ambitious project, with many survival and city-building elements touted in the gameplay. Watch the trailer for Chinese Frontiers below:

A free demo for the game is now available on Steam, while the longer Chinese Frontiers: Prologue becomes available for free on Steam starting April 28, 2023.

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