How to Get the Soul Seeker in Core Keeper

Get yourself the unbreakable legendary Soul Keeper in Core Keeper.

The Soul Seeker is an unbreakable Legendary Pickaxe in Core Keeper that was added in the Desert of Beginning update. Obtaining this pickaxe is no easy task, so we’re here to help you out. Below, we explain everything you need and what to do to obtain the Soul Seeker in Core Keeper.

How to Get the Soul Seeker in Core Keeper

Here’s how to get the Soul Seeker pickaxe in Core Keeper:

  1. Obtain the Cipher Parchment from Igneous the Molten Mass.
  2. Gather the Ancient Pickaxe and the required materials.
  3. Get to the Ancient Forge and use the Cipher Parchment.

Use the Cipher Parchment next to an Ancient Forge with the following materials to make the Soul Seeker:

  • 1 Ancient Pickaxe
  • 400 Gold Bar
  • 800 Scarlet Bar
  • 800 Octarine Bar
  • 800 Galaxite Bar
  • 100 Ancient Gemstone

First, the Ancient Pickaxe, formerly the best pickaxe in Core Keeper, is found inside a structure in the Azeos’ Wilderness biome, revealed after powering up the Core. It looks like a skull on the minimap — you may need to scour the grassy biome before you find it.

Finding the Ancient Forge in Core Keeper will likely be challenging for you. It can spawn in the Molten Quarry at a distance of about 1600 tiles from the Core. That’s roughly the same distance as Ingeous the Molten Mass

So, you can scan for Igneous the Molten Mass and work your way around in a circle near that location to find the Ancient Forge. Stand next to the Ancient Forge and right-click the Cipher Parchment to craft Soul Seeker.

As an added bonus, you should find a chest and some breakable decorative objects near the Ancient Forge if you want more goodies to take back to the Core with you.

Soul Keeper Stats

  • 117-143 Melee Damage
  • 2.5 Attack Per Second
  • +607 Mining Damage
  • +9.3% Mining Speed
  • +3 Glow
  • +1.5% chance to gain an ore that is common in the currently mined wall when destroying the wall.

A successor prototype to the Ancient Mining Pick that had been left unfinished before. In the fires of the Ancient Forge it was now finally complete.

The perk means you can obtain extra ore based on your biome and the wall you’re mining. So, for example, mining stone walls gives you a 1.5% chance of getting Iron Ore, dirt walls give you a 1.5% of getting Copper Ore, etc.

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