How to Craft the Oracle Deck in Core Keeper

The Oracle Deck in Core Keeper is a powerful off-hand item.

Core Keeper is a game where players can explore, craft, fight and dig their way to the Core in a fun solo and co-op adventure game. With so much to see and do in Core Keeper, one of the more exciting aspects is collecting powerful gear and treasures. However, like many items in this game, certain powerful rewards must be crafted. One of these is the Oracle Deck. 

The Oracle Deck is a crafted item that allows players to heal their allies with a powerful aura when held in the off-hand. But how do you craft the Oracle Deck in Core Keeper? Here is everything you need to know to get the Oracle Deck and start healing your allies.

Crafting the Oracle Deck in Core Keeper

To craft the Oracle Deck, you must first ensure you find all the pieces to craft it. To make this powerful piece of equipment, there will need to be 9 cards located and then combined, with each one found in a specific location. Here are all of the cards you will need to find to craft this powerful item:

  • Oracle Card “Aura”: 0.7% chance of finding in a digging spot.
  • Oracle Card “Brilliance”: 0.12% chance of finding in an Ancient Crate.
  • Oracle Card “Entity”: 11.46% chance to drop from Malugaz the Corrupted.
  • Oracle Card “Inspiration”: 1.42% chance to drop from an Ancient Chest in the Forlorn Metropolis.
  • Oracle Card “Metropolis”: Cost 3988 Ancient Coins in the Vending Machine.
  • Oracle Card “Wisdom”: Found in the Sewers in the Forlorn Metropolis.
  • Oracle Card “Radiance”: 0.88% chance of finding in desert sand digging spot.
  • Oracle Card “Temperance”: 1.02% chance of being caught while fishing in The Desert of Beginnings.
  • Oracle Card “Endurance”: 0.42% chance of being found in a Charred Crate.

Once you have all the cards required, you can head to the Threads of Fate to craft the Oracle Deck and have a powerful item that increases your HP by 48 and pulses 17, healing yourself and nearby allies every second.

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