Dead by Daylight Bots Added in Upcoming Patch

Bots, visual changes, and more coming to Dead by Daylight

The Dead by Daylight developers, Behaviour Interactive, has released a new Dev Update, reportedly the last of the year. They discussed a few improvements in the Dead by Daylight Patch 6.4.0 coming next month. The most exciting aspect is that Dead by Daylight bots are finally coming to the game. Read ahead for what’s coming up in the October 2022 Dead by Daylight Developer update.

Survivor Bots are Coming to DbD

After much demand, DbD is adding Survivor Bots to Custom Matches. Players can use these to fill teammate gaps or just practice playing Killer. We’re looking forward to having a controlled environment to test Perks and Powers. The Developers are working on implementing Killer Bots, citing them as more complicated. In the future, Custom Match Hosts can select which Survivors the Bots use and what loadouts they bring.

Flashlights are Being Buffed

Flashlights are continuing to be tweaked. Killers cannot be Blinded during a Locker Grab in 6.4.0. Unlike other Blind methods, the Killer has no options for counterplay in this scenario. Flashlights are also being made more friendly for new Players. 

The Developers are adding a small window to the end of the “pick up” animation where Killers can be Blinded. The more forgiving timing will encourage more Survivors to attempt Flashlight saves.

Dead by Daylight Addresses Cheating

Arguably the biggest change is Cheating prevention. The Developers have found ways to prevent common Cheater interruptions. These include instant Generator Repairs, extended Blinds, and running duplicate Perks for overpowering effects. More vulnerabilities have been found, so more will be coming on this front. 

The 6.4.0 Public Test Build will be playable next week for players that want to see the changes and provide feedback. 

Read the full Developer Update here.

Playing vs. Bots is a great way to practice the basics. Read up on more Dead by Daylight content or other stories in our News Section.