Dead by Daylight PTB July 24 Update Details

Tweaks to the Public Test Build include a balance update for The Onryo and tweaks to Cursed Tapes.

It’s been over a week since the Public Test Build (PTB) for Dead by Daylight, featuring the much-anticipated Nicolas Cage, was released. As the developers prepare for the official launch, they have been fine-tuning the game based on player feedback. 

Along with the aforementioned Nic Cage, the PTB is also getting a few changes to The Onryo, Cursed Tapes, and Animations. Here’s everything that changed in the Dead by Daylight PTB July 24 update. 

Dead by Daylight PTB July 24 Update Details

The Onryo’s Balance Update

The Onryo, a key character in the game, underwent a balance update during the PTB. After reviewing player feedback, the developers have identified areas for further refinement before the update goes live.

Cursed Tapes

In the PTB, carrying a cursed tape while being hit with a basic attack resulted in gaining a stack of Condemned. Also, being hooked with a tape inflicted all other Survivors with Condemned. However, this protection was deemed too strong, leading to the following adjustments:

  • Survivors hit while carrying a tape will now gain 2 stacks of Condemned, destroying the tape.
  • Being hooked while carrying a tape will no longer inflict other Survivors with Condemned.


With Survivors having more reason to pick up a Cursed Tape, it wasn’t unusual to find most TVs disabled at any given time. To make the game more enjoyable for The Onryo, the developers have made the following tweaks:

  • Projection now has a 10-second cooldown (down from 15 seconds).
  • TVs disabled by projection now remain disabled for 45 seconds (down from 100 seconds).
  • TVs disabled by Survivors now remain disabled for 70 seconds (down from 90 seconds).

Hangman’s Trick

Hangman’s Trick, a perk that reveals auras around every hook on the map, was found to be underperforming. To address this, the developers tested Hangman’s Trick as a Scourge Hook Perk in the PTB, which allowed them to increase its effective range. The range will be increased further before the update goes live.


The developers also reviewed the successful basic attack animation for Killers with the aim of making them behave more consistently. However, some players experienced motion sickness due to the added camera motion. As a result, the developers have decided to revert the animation updates to any Killers that were affected by this change.

The official release of the Nicolas Cage Chapter is set for July 25, 2023. The developers are eager to hear player feedback on these adjustments.

For the full patch notes, see the official DbD Steam post.

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