Dead by Daylight: The Singularity Perks & Powers

If you're wondering about the new Killer in Dead by Daylight, The Singularity, our guide covers all of their perks and powers.

Dead by Daylight’s new Killer is now playable on the Player Test Build. Behaviour’s latest creation is a sci-fi construct gone amok. In this guide, we’ll cover The Singularity’s Perks and powers in Dead by Daylight, along with those of his Survivor counterpart Gabriel Soma.

The Singularity’s Perks

The Singularity’s perks are Genetic Limits, Forced Hesitation, and Machine Learning. These revolve around punishing Survivor altruism and objective progress.

  • Genetic Limits: When a Survivor finishes the Healing action, they suffer from the Exhausted status effect for 32 seconds. Exhausted prevents Survivors from activating Exhausting perks.
  • Forced Hesitation: When a Survivor is put into the Dying state by any means, all other Survivors standing within a 16-meter range around them suffer the Hindered status effect for 10 seconds, reducing their movement speed by 15%. This perk goes on cooldown for 40 seconds.
  • Machine Learning: After performing the damage generator action, this perk activates. When this perk is active, the next generator you damage will be Compromised until it is completed. The generator is highlighted in yellow. When the Compromised generator is completed, you become Undetectable and gain 7% Haste for 30 seconds. Then, the perk deactivates. If you damage a generator while another generator is Compromised, the Compromised generator becomes the latest one damaged.
The Singularity’s Perks Dead by Daylight
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/Dead by Daylight

Forced Hesitation specifically looks like a good pick vs cocky Survivors that swarm the Killer.

The Singularity’s Power: Quantum Instantiation

The Singularity can shoot and spawn Biopods around the map; these Biopods can attach to any vertical surface they land on. The Singularity can control a Biopod remotely and look through and tag Survivors, afflicting them with Temporal Slipstream. When Slipstreamed, The Singularity can teleport next to the Slipstreamed Survivor either by using the Biopods to tag them or by shooting them. When a Slipstreamed Survivor is in proximity to another Survivor, the Slipstream can spread.

Overclock Mode
After a successful Slipstream teleport, The Singularity enters Overclock Mode. In this state, Walls, and Pallets can be destroyed faster, vaulting speed is faster, and he cannot be stunned by Pallets. Attempts to stun by Pallet merely remove Overclock Mode and momentarily slow The Singularity.

Electromagnetic Pulse
At the beginning of each Trial, several Supply cases spawn, each containing an EMP. Survivors can use EMPs to remove the Slipstream from themself or others or to briefly disable a Biopod. Once used, the EMP is destroyed.

The Singularity is a combination of kits from previous killers; it mixes The Hag’s traps and ambush power with the Plague’s infection mechanics and Michael Myers’ powered-up form.

Gabriel Soma’s Perks

Gabriel Soma’s perks are Troubleshooter, Made for This, and Scavenger. These perks encourage teamwork and reward scrounging for discarded items. Combining Scavenger with Built to Last could be a powerful build for pushing Generator Repairs.

  • Troubleshooter: When the Killer chases you, Troubleshooter activates. You see the aura of the Generator with the most progress and see the aura of the Killer for 6 seconds after dropping a Pallet. The effect lasts for 10 seconds after being in a chase, then deactivates.
  • Made for This: Made for This activates while you are in the Injured state. You run 3% faster. After you finish healing another Survivor, you gain the Endurance status effect for 10 seconds. Made for This cannot be used when suffering from Exhaustion, but does not cause the Exhausted status effect.
  • Scavenger: When you are holding an empty Toolbox, Scavenger activates. Succeeding a great skill check while repairing gains 1 token, up to 4. When you reach maximum tokens, lose all tokens and automatically recharge your Toolbox to full. Scavenger is disabled for the remainder of the Trial after recharging a Toolbox. This perk allows rummaging through an opened chest once per Trial and guarantees a basic Toolbox.
Gabriel Soma’s Perks Dead by Daylight
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/Dead by Daylight

Gabriel Soma’s perks are useful for both running and repairing, and we look forward to using them.

There you have it, those are all the Perks and abilities for The Singularity and Gabriel Soma.

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