Dead by Daylight Demogorgon Builds

Strike from the Upside Down with our Dead by Daylight best builds guide for The Demogorgon.

The Stranger Things Chapter was a solid addition to the Dead by Daylight roster. After being added in 2019, the Chapter was removed from the Store in 2021 thanks to licensing issues. For Players that bought them before the removal or found a DLC code, we offer our best Dead by Daylight Demogorgon builds.

Best Dead by Daylight Demogorgon Builds

The best builds for the Demogorgon build off the Chase power and Map Control built into its kit. Of The Abyss isn’t as flashy as other Killer Powers, but it’s practical.

The best builds for Demogorgon are:

  • Persistent Predator
  • Totem Guardian
  • Endgame Monster

Persistent Predator

The Persistent Predator build focuses on Chase Power. It’s built around the Demogorgon’s Shred Special Attack.

Here are the Perks and Add-ons in the Persistent Predator build:


  • Black Heart (Common)
  • Barb’s Glasses (Uncommon)

The Add-ons both buff Shred by reducing cooldowns for Survivor Hits and Pallet Breaks. 


  • Save the Best for Last (From The Shape)
  • Enduring (From The Hillbilly)
  • Spirit Fury (From The Spirit)
  • Tinkerer (From The Hillbilly)

Save the Best for Last has been featured in previous guides, and for good reason. The effects are especially strong on Demogorgon after the previous Killer buffs. Demo can hit a Survivor normally, then Shred to cover the distance from the “got hit” speed boost. Remember to use Shred over Basic Attacks on the Obsession target; save those stacks.

Enduring and Spirit Fury are usually for Basic Attack Killers. Demo uses them to make a no-win situation at Loops. Approach every Pallet preparing to Shred. If the Survivor throws it down early, we break it faster. If they go for the Stun, we shrug it off. If Spirit Fury is active the Pallet is broken on hitting us.

Tinkerer gives us Map Awareness. Chase Perks don’t help if we can’t find Survivors, and Survivors must repair Generators to escape. The stealth aspect is less helpful; The Demogorgon is loud. That said, if Survivors are busy with something noisy, they won’t hear you coming. Place a couple of Portals near (~10m) Generators to make the most of this.

Totem Guardian

The Totem Guardian build is focused on protecting Hexes with Portals. 

Here are the Perks and Add-ons in the Totem Guardian build:


  • Thorny Vines (Rare)
  • Lifeguard Whistle (Very Rare)


  • Hex: Undying (From The Blight)
  • Hex: Devour Hope (From The Hag)
  • Corrupt Intervention (From The Plague)
  • Hex: Pentimento (From The Artist)

The Add-ons focus on our Portals specifically. Portals pull double-duty here as alarms. 

Our core Perk is Hex: Devour Hope. The Exposed status doesn’t work with Demo’s Shred, but it still sends Survivors scrambling for Totems, so we don’t hit five stacks. We want this.

We spend the early-game putting Portals on and near Totems, counting on Corrupt Intervention to give us time to set up. Activate the Totem Portals but leave the others. Those are our backups in case the Totem Portals get sealed.

Hex: Undying is our insurance. If Survivors start near the Devour Hope totem or manage to cleanse it, we get a second chance to use Devour Hope’s bonuses.

Hex: Pentimento is our backup plan. If Survivors still manage to cleanse our Hexes, we relight the destroyed Totems for new effects. Facing decreased Action speeds, Survivors have to go for the Totems again, playing back into our hands.

Endgame Finisher

The Endgame Finisher build blends Endgame Power with versatility. We can take a smaller power spike in the Endgame in exchange for being consistently strong. Demo’s good enough for this to work.

Here are the Perks and Add-ons in the Endgame Finisher build:


  • Leprosy Lichen (Ultra Rare)
  • Mew’s Guts (Uncommon)


  • Terminus (From the Mastermind)
  • No Way Out (From The Trickster)
  • Make Your Choice (From The Pig)
  • Infectious Fright (From The Plague)

Our Add-ons give us Aura Reading for using our Portals and give us more Portals to work with. 

Infectious Fright and Make Your Choice give us info and other bonuses. Tunnel back to the Hook when Make Your Choice activates and hunt the rescuer. Infectious Fright helps ward off Survivors going for a Stun after a pick-up. It also helps with snowballing, which will come in handy during the late and Endgame.

No Way Out and Terminus mean any injured Survivors that reach the Endgame will stay injured. Being injured and trapped with a Demogorgon is risky; being trapped with one that knows exactly where you are is a death sentence.

That was our guide on the best Dead by Daylight The Demogorgon builds. There are more builds and variants we didn’t have room to cover; feel free to mention them in the comments.

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