Dead by Daylight Forged in Fog: Update Details and Trailer

The Knight enters the Fog. And he’s not alone. Here's what we know about the upcoming DbD Forged in Fog Update.

The Dead by Daylight Chapter Forged in Fog, also known as Update 6.4.0, is now live on the PTB. The Forged by Fog update will release on main servers on November 22, 2022, according to the DbD Twitter, and is the 26th DLC Chapter for DbD. It brings a new Killer, Survivor, and medieval-themed map. Keep reading for the Dead by Daylight Forged in Fog update, trailerand details.

What is Dead by Daylight Forged in Fog?

Forged in Fog is the newest chapter in Dead by Daylight content, currently playable on the Player Test Branch. It features the Killer The Knight and the Survivor Vittorio Toscano in the new map, The Shattered Square.

Watch the Forged in Fog Trailer here:

Forged in Fog New Killer – The Knight

The Knight, Tarhos Kovacs, is able to control the battlefield with his Power: Guardia Compagnia.

His Power allows him to summon 3 Guards with different strengths. He sets up paths for his Guards to patrol or marks Downed Pallets, Breakable Walls, and Generators, which his guards damage. He always summons his Guards in the same rotation. 

Here is a list of The Knight’s Guards:

  • The Carnifex, who breaks objects faster
  • The Assassin, who moves faster when Chasing Survivors
  • The Jailer, who patrols for longer and detects Survivors more easily

Players controlling the Knight can see which Guard will be sent out by looking at the Knight’s gauntlet or the Power Icon.

Guards that detect Survivors will throw down a Standard and begin a Chase known as The Hunt. Survivors being chased can end the Hunt by unhooking another Survivor, grabbing the Standard, or simply outlasting the duration of The Hunt. The Hunt will also end if the Knight or the Guard lands a hit on the Chased Survivor. Survivors downed by Guards are revealed by Killer Instinct.

Forged in Fog New Perks & Content

The Knight and Vittorio both come with 3 new Perks each. They are detailed below.

The Knight’s Perks:

The Knights Perks are focused on information and debuffs.

  • Nowhere to Hide: When Damaging a Generator, reveal all Survivors within 24 meters of the Killer’s position.
  • Hex: Face the Darkness: Injuring a Survivor lights a Dull Totem and Hexes that Survivor. Survivors outside the Killer’s Terror Radius will scream intermittently, revealing themselves to the Killer and other survivors. If the Survivor is Downed or Healed, the Perk deactivates, and the Totem returns to Dull. If the Hex Totem is cleansed, the Perk is disabled for the rest of the Trial.
  • Hubris: Survivors that stun the Killer are Exposed for 20 seconds. Hubris has a 20-second cooldown.
Dead by Daylight Forged in Fog Update
Screenshot via Gamer Digest/Dead by Daylight

Vittorio’s Perks:

Vittorio’s Perks are focused on Generator Repairs and Evading the Killer.

  • Potential Energy: After working on a Generator for 8 seconds straight, this Perk can be activated. Press Active Ability Button 2 to convert Generator Repairs into charge for this Perk instead, up to 20 tokens, 1.5% progress per token. These tokens can be redeemed by pressing the button again, granting 1% Generator Repair progress per token. Losing a health state removes all tokens and deactivates the Perk. Failing a Skill Check will also remove tokens.
  • Fogwise: Hitting a Great Skill Check during Generator Repairs reveals the Killer’s Aura for 6 seconds.
  • Quick Gambit: When Chased with 24 meters of a Generator, any Survivors Repairing it will Repair 8% Faster.
Screenshot via Gamer Digest/Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight Forged in Fog Map – The Shattered Square

The Shattered Square is a desolate map, the site of a bloody battle. Most of the buildings are in ruins, but the Gathering Hall and the Killer Shack are still standing.

Screenshot via Gamer Digest/Dead by Daylight

We’re excited to see how the new Killer and Perks shape the game going forward. We can already see promise in Hubris and Potential Energy.

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