Dead by Daylight Haunted by Daylight Start Time and Trailer

The Fog takes on an orange tinge this October. Here's the Haunted by Daylight start time and trailer.

Behavior Interactive’s game of survivors and slashers brings new thrills this Halloween. The recently-announced Haunted by Daylight event will add a new spin to the time-honored killer-evading and generator-repairing gameplay. In addition, Haunted by Daylight adds a new battle pass titled Tome 13: Malevolence. Here’s the Dead by Daylight Haunted by Daylight start time and trailer. 

When Does Haunted by Daylight Start?

Haunted by Daylight starts on October 11, 2022, with the in-game event beginning on October 13. Of particular note is the free weekend starting October 27, allowing new players to come to see why the game has thrived enough to see its 6th Anniversary last June.

See below for the full Haunted by Daylight schedule:

Haunted by Daylight Release Date Schedule
Image via Behaviour Interactive

Haunted By Daylight Trailer

There are new tasks to seek out during the in-game event. Cosmetics are also available for money and through the completion of challenges.

Players are tasked with seeking out unstable rifts to deposit void energy earned throughout the match to unlock skeleton shirts and candy-themed weaponry. This is joined by tasks assigned by the newest Tome; a battle pass sped up by completing personal achievements and community challenges, unlocking more cosmetic content.

Check out the trailer for Haunted by Daylight here:

What is Dead By Daylight?

Dead By Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game. Four Survivors go against one Killer in matches known as Trials and try to avoid and evade long enough to power the exit gates and escape into the night. It features a wide cast of characters, including tie-ins to other horror franchises such as Hellraiser and Saw, with Resident Evil’s own Albert Wesker currently featuring as their newest Killer

See Dead by Daylight’s blog for all the details on the community costume competition and the outfits you can get during Haunted by Daylight.

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