Dead by Daylight: How to Get Moonlight Burrow Rewards

Stylin' with the Year of the Rabbit.
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If there’s anything that brings this community together, it’s free cosmetics — here’s how to get the Dead by Daylight’s Moonlight Burrow rewards.

Dead by Daylight’s Moonlight Burrow event is live. That means season-appropriate items, fireworks, and fussing with envelopes. It’s similar to previous Lunar New Year events but with a couple of extra twists. Read on for how to play and get those Lunar New Year cosmetics.

How to Get Moonlight Burrow Rewards

To get Moonlight Burrow Event Cosmetics, players need to bring Red Envelope Offerings to Trials. Then, Reveal your Envelope so others will open it. As is DBD tradition, new offerings and items will spawn in the bloodweb. Remember to finish your current bloodweb to see them. As you go through, keep your eyes open for the Red Envelope Offering (they sometimes appear in Mystery Boxes, too). 

Image: Gamer Digest/Dead by Daylight

This is how you take part in the festivities. 1 Red Envelope will spawn in the Trial per Offering brought in. Run Red Envelopes whenever you can, and if you are playing with a group, encourage them to do the same. Offering Envelopes also grant extra points for generators and hooks.

Opened Envelopes give points, but you can only open Envelopes that aren’t yours. To encourage this, interacting with your own envelope shows everyone else where it is, and you see its location at the start of the Trial. You’ll get the new cosmetics, and some bloodpoints of your own, in exchange for another player opening your Envelope. 

Image: Gamer Digest/Dead by Daylight

You’ll know someone has opened your Envelope when you see gold sparkles around the edges of your screen or your character. If you’ve got one of the Anniversary Crowns in previous years, you’ll recognize the effect. Unlike Anniversary Crowns, you don’t need to survive the Trial, so don’t stress about playing poorly. 

After the Trial, you’ll see the Cosmetic you’ve earned back in the Killer/Survivor Menu. Mouse over it to see who can wear it.

There are 10 cosmetic rewards available, 1 per Envelope opened. 4 locked to Survivors, 4 to Killers, and 2 Charms. There’s no duplicates, so 10 opened Envelopes is all you need.

Paper Lanterns

Think of these as garnish. They aren’t required for prizes, but they are nice to have. The Trials now have paper lanterns found on the ground. Players that interact with them get a speed boost- the perfect way to end a chase—also a great way to cross the map and go for an Envelope.

This is the end of our Moonlight Burrow guide. We hope you enjoy the event and come away with some stylish new stuff.

We’re still fumbling with new Nurse Builds. At least her Blinks make it easy to find the Envelopes! Check out our other Dead by Daylight content.

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