Dead by Daylight Patch Notes (January 24)

The Dead by Daylight 6.5.0 Mid-Chapter patch notes for January 24 include changes to Killers as well as other tweaks.

Behaviour is back to work! It wasn’t enough for them to give us the update we knew was coming since early January; they’re also bringing a new Lunar New Year event and Tome, which will be covered elsewhere. For now, let us focus on the Dead by Daylight patch notes for January 24, 2023.

Dead by Daylight Patch Notes January 24, 2023

The Dead by Daylight Patch Notes for January 24, 2023, include the following:

The Knight Changes

The Knight’s power is excellent in theory. The Knight can use his Guards to cut off escape routes and outfox Survivors. In practice, it’s faster and safer to drop a Guard on top of a loop so the Survivor has to abandon it.

The Knight Benefits from Longer Patrol Paths (Buff)

The Knight now has incentives to make longer Paths. The green orb that shows Survivors the Path being made disappears after 10 meters. The Knight gets a Haste effect after this; longer paths mean more speed. 

Guards that detect Survivors on longer Paths will now start the Hunt faster. Guards also cause double regression when used to kick Generators, but they still don’t apply Gen Kick Perks like Eruption.

The Knight DbD
Image: Behaviour Interactive

The Knight leaves “Guard Summon” Mode After 10 seconds (Nerf)

Some Knight players were being sneaky, using his Power to hide their Terror Radius and make Survivors think he’d left the area. This behavior was unintended, so Guard Summon mode now ends after 10 seconds. Knight players can still ambush rescuing Survivors with Insidious but this means giving up a Perk slot.

The Nurse Changes

The Nurse is DbD’s most dreaded Killer, and it’s easy to see why. No other character in this game can bypass basic mechanics like “walking around obstacles to chase Survivors.” The Nurse has received several nerfs over the years, and this patch is along the same lines.

The first change is also the biggest: her Blink Attacks no longer count as Basic Attacks. This means several Perks, including “Exposed” Perks like Starstruck and Make Your Choice no longer apply to her. The Nurse will have to land 2 hits like a standard Killer.

Some of her add-ons, used for altering her Power, have been changed. Some are simple number adjustments, others have new effects. In particular, the Nurse can no longer increase the range of her Blink Power. 

While the patch is a net nerf for the Nurse, some of her gimmick add-ons have been buffed. The “Bad Man’s” Last Breath add-on in particular makes the Nurse Undetectable for longer and with a shorter cooldown. Hopefully this encourages new playstyles to keep the character fresh.

Survivor Activity Icons

We’ve all been there. We’re playing with randoms, and a teammate is on a hook across the map. We’re fixing a generator, and we don’t know if it’s worth going for the save. 

Survivors in Dead by Daylight
Image: Behaviour Interactive

Now, every Survivor has an icon for what they’re currently interacting with. Even niche stuff like The Pig’s Reverse Bear Traps is covered. Survivors in chase get miniature Obsession claws around their portrait. Now Survivors can better coordinate; playing alone is less of a hassle.

Eyrie of Crows Map Changes

The Eyrie of Crows is tough for Killers. The main building has many pallets and windows. This building chains to other tiles, letting Survivors easily run the clock. It’s also not designed for stealth or trap-setting Killers thanks to the brighter colors and lack of grass.

The map has been shortened, making it more of a square than a rectangle. The main building has been shifted towards the map’s edge, and has less to work with. There’s also new tiles added to keep chases interesting. And grass! Playing The Trapper is no longer an exercise in frustration. Still nothing for Michael Myers’ navy-blue coveralls to blend in with though.

The changes from this patch have us excited to jump back into the game. We only wish we had more time to play with the new content before the Moonlight Burrow event drops later today. 

See the full patch notes on the Behaviour Blog.

My Totem Roulette build is ruined! Oh well, off to find another. See our Dead by Daylight Section for more.